05:55 (2014)

Fiction | 13 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Tiara Kristianingtyas
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XXI Short Film Festival 2015: International Shorts – Variety

logoInternational Shorts – Variety segment is one of the must-attend segment on my list. Not only because Academy Awards-winning The Phone Call is on the list, but also because they are the best of short film in the global scale within the last year or so.  Continue reading

Listopia: Best 2014 Movie Poster

I think there are a lot more alternative type movie posters going around last year, which actually make me so happy. I noticed some countries have make adapt their own take of the poster as well. South Korean versions of some films are quite beautiful, just take an example from Xavier Dolan’s Mommy after the cut. See how it use stills that have wonderful nuanced and seemed to be capturing the mood of the film (which i sadly have not seen yet). (Be warned, some NSFW image inside) Continue reading