2013 German Cinema Film Festival

The second year of German Cinema Film Festival and this time they brought the fun to Bandung (and 7 other cities in Indonesia). The screening venue is at Blitzmegaplex Paris Van Java, in Auditorium 8, with approximately 160 seat capacity. Since i only went there for the first day movie marathon, i can not say what the second day audience was like. But the first day alone shows a great deal of excitement and the theater is always packed! Here’s hoping for another visit to Bandung next year! :D

The following films were screened at Bandung chapter of 2013 German Cinema Film Festival.
Courtesy of Goethe Institute.

Day 01
Vergiss Mein Nicht (2013) | Documentary
Fünf Jahre Leben (2013) | Drama, True Story, Biopic
This Ain’t California (2012) | Mockumentary
Der Ganz Groose Traim (2011) | Drama

Day 02
Dreileben: Etwas Besseres als den Tod (2011) | Drama
Dreileben: Komm mir nicht nach (2011) | Drama
Dreileben: Eine Minute Dunkel (2011) | Drama
Der Verdingbub (2011) | Drama


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