Gula-Gula Usia / Sweet Seventy (2014)

Short | 18 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Ninndi Raras

An old woman who lives on her own, an old man who fixes electronic items, and old things that connect them.
Sweet like sugar (gula), the film follows an old woman and a man, and their encounters. Their meeting began through an old, broken down, electrical appliances she brought to be fixed at his shop. The two then begin to each other’s void. Repetitive imagery, showing their habits and routines, noting only showing the smallest changes between the two. Well thought out, capturing both romance and loneliness, through distances and silences. The ending was satisfying for me, i like how it did not go to all romance-romance but instead it offers the audience the possibilities of ending, whether it is sweet or is it slightly bitter (like when you eat too much sugar).


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