Iblis Jalanan – Street Demon (2014)

Documentary | 11 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Salman Farizi

Observing the live of ‘Tong Setan’ daredevil bicycle racers who travel from cities to cities with the night market.
Amongst the sombre documentaries lining the festival, Salman Farizi’s Iblis Jalanan felt like a breath of fresh air. Vibrant with colors, pulsing with life, and thrilling just like the performances of the daredevils themselves. Originally the filmmaker intent was just to shot a video clip with the actions of these Daredevils as the background, but perhaps things got interesting no? The documentary follows a group of daredevils who told us their tale of how they got involved into the business, living live on the edge to earn some petty cash every other night. They told their tale of living like a rock star, with booze, dough, and chicas. Maybe the thing lacking from the documentary is the lack of

See the behind the scene of the video clip here.


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