2013 Q! Film Festival



Q! Film Festival was founded in 2002 by freelance journalists and movie buffs. Taking up films queer and HIV/AIDS theme, it is the only film festival of its kind in the predominantly moslem country. Adding to the film screenings, the festival includes exhibitions, literature events, parties and meet-the-filmmakers. With the support of local cultural institutes as well as foreign ones and embassies, Q! Film Festival is able to showcase films all over the world. The festival’s mission is to give Indonesian public options to alternative films and to raise awareness on queer and human rights issues. The significant outcome was The Human Rights Commission added the protection towards queer people for the last 5 years. Furthermore, a non-profit organization for advocacy for queer people has been founded to accommodate the increasing needs.

Over 900 films and the total of 160,000 spectators have attended the festival for the last 11 years. International guests such as filmmakers, distributors, and festival organizer also attended the festival since 2003. The 12 years of Q! Film Festival has been the biggest queer film festival in Asia, in terms of number of film screenings and total number of days. It has been officially acknowledged of Teddy Award Section of Berlin Film Festival called “Teddy on Tour” program since 2006.

2013 Pit Stop (Dir. Yen Tan, US)
2013 L’Inconnu Du Lac/Stranger by The Lake (Dir. Alan Guiraudie, FR)
2013 Something In The Way (Dir. Teddy Soeriatmadj,a ID)
2013 Ta Av Mig/Undress Me (Dir. Victor Lindgren, SE) -short-
2013 Adults Only (Dir. Michael J. Saul, US) -short-
2013 Fresh Fruit (Dir. Diane Busuttil, DE,IT) -short-
2013 A Fold In My Blanket (Dir. Zaza Rusadze, GE)
2013 In Their Room LONDON (Dir. Travis Mathews, US) -short-
2012 I Want Your Love (Dir. Travis Mathews, US)
2012 Hors Les Murs/Beyond the Walls (Dir. David Lambert, FR/CA/BE)
2012 White Night (Dir. Leesong Hee-il , KR)
2012 Two Wedding and A Funeral (Dir. Kimjho Gwang-soo, KR)
2012 Philomirrophobia II (Dir. Yuke Qin, CN)
2011 Philomirrophobia (Dir. Yuke Qin, CN) -short-


6 thoughts on “2013 Q! Film Festival

  1. Wah suka bgt saya LGBTQ sectionnya! Udah nonton Keep The Lights On? One of last year’s best movies, IMO. Sedih kmrn nggak bisa ikut Q! Festival berhubung belum 21 tahun, haha. Tukeran link yah? xD

    • Thank you daniel :D Eh! Kan ngga semua film 21+ ya kalo ngga salah? Did you ask them?

      I did watched Keep The Lights On last year too, so i skipped it on Q this year, i love that it’s a story of people falling out of love. It wasn’t my personal favorite though~

      • Hmmm tp kalo nggak salah entry masuknya harus nunjukkin ID yah?

        I love Keep The Lights On more than I do Weekend tbh, but both are great. Saya sampe nangis loh pas sex scene yang ditonton sama pacarnya itu.

      • Iya sih, are you under 18 too? kayanya boleh ngga sih selama nonton filmnya yang sesuai batasan umur :D not sure sih hahaha

        That scene was heartwrenching indeed. I guess i just prefer the chemistry between the two cast of Weekend and the whole feeling of the film :)

      • Bagus~ for a low budget film it was so good! I’d totally recommend that, stranger by the lake (l’inconnu du lac), hors les murs (beyond the walls), white night, and ta av mig (undress me)

        I already put your link up :)

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