05:55 (2014)

Fiction | 13 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Tiara Kristianingtyas

This is a film that captures daily activities of Bantul villagers before a major earthquake occurred in May 27, 2006. The film mirrors the director’s personal experience in which she wants to let us feel the great fear as the earthquake is about to happen.
Films are created from compilations of powerful images that captures emotions and demand reactions from its viewers. 05:55 is exactly that. Using montage-style images of people doing their daily activities of smoking, nyirih, mother feeding their child, etcetera. The film powerfulness lied in its concept and it’s editing process, the montages of images which cut to a blank screen that reveals it’s true meaning. This offers the film a documentarian edge rather than just a mere fiction.

05:55 received honorary prize from the Media Jury for the Short Fiction category of XXI Short Film Festival 2015.


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