00Ebert_zpsa5b0d265WHY FOUR STAR? For me, giving a rating means i need to quantify something that come as an almost knee-jerk, arbitrary reaction. Great film critics, such as the late Roger Ebert, might have honed his craftsmanship of dissecting a movie and know what made a movie great under years upon years of watching films. But hey, i am not even an actual film critic. However, i having a rating have its merits. It acts like a summary, a signifier of my overall thoughts. I hope it actually help me diversify what made one thing better/worse than the other.

I choose four, not only because of my respect to Ebert, who also used the same system. One of the artist i respect, Andy Warhol. He made a movie called Four Stars, a 25-hour long, avant garde film. The title was a pun of the rating system, which represent the highest appreciation for a film.

So, this is an Ebert-cum-Warhol-inspired decision: to regard each motion picture and their arts in the four-star system.


★★★★ | A Master Piece: bestowing the highest appraisal on my knees!
★★★ | Awesomesauce : has redeeming quality, its merits definitely outweigh its flaws.
★★ | Okay Movie: enjoyable enough to watch, might not be memorable enough to remember
| Blah: yeah, sure whatever!
– | WTF: what did i just put myself through?



4 thoughts on “Four-Star

  1. Love your ratings system. Mine’s just from 1 to 5 stars, and I let my heart and emotional reaction dictate mostly what my rating is (and the perfections and imperfections sway that rating either downwards or upwards).

    • I think it always come down to emotional response :) but there are movies that i know was technically good but did not allow me to invest personally, yet there are movies that are bad but i still enjoyed nevertheless XD
      I’m still figuring this out, obviously.

  2. Dear KaramelKinema,
    Sorry, but I think I need to adapt your 4-star rating. I personally think that how I review movies is the way I want my readers to watch them. Never know why, but five-star rating I adapted didn’t work the way I wanted. So, I humbly ask for your permission to adapt it :)

    • hey you! no problem :D
      i’m not the one creating it too, so feel free to use same/similar method :)

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