XXI Short Film Festival 2015: International Shorts – Variety

logoInternational Shorts – Variety segment is one of the must-attend segment on my list. Not only because Academy Awards-winning The Phone Call is on the list, but also because they are the best of short film in the global scale within the last year or so.  Continue reading


Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Sorry for the lack of update in the last few days, even though i finished my thesis but other real life matters get in the way of me keeping this blog updated. So yeah, i am that busy. I have a couple of movie review i have not finished from Q film festival as well as a couple of new released films. But for now, let me published this one for my monthly moviecube, which i already owed for N (who wrote a great review on Gary Ross’Seabiscuit)
I chose the film based on the fact that: a) it was nominated for an adapted screenplay from the academy awards (i need an adapted film for my 2nd moviecube), b) it is a sport theme film, more specifically an individual sport-type (boxing). I don’t know why the films i chose leaning on the martial arts side of sports (following mixed martial arts featured in Warrior). Narrated by the one and only Morgan Freeman, the movie followed three characters whose faiths sort of intertwined with each other. Going into the movie, i really did not expect the kind of journey i would go through, and i’m glad i never read the spoiler. If you haven’t watched this already, go watch it before reading this, because i’m pretty sure it CONTAINS SPOILERS.
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Argo (2012)

Remember last year Oscar, when Scorsese’s love letter to cinema Hugo (2011) and Michel Hazanavicius’ homage The Artists (2011), each won 5 awards? Well, this year Oscar Best Picture kinda still relates to cinema in a way too. I watched Argo at the theatre (released locally about a month after The 85th Academy Awards, sad) and a few times more after that. So this review came a little late, but i figure, i need an Argo party anyway.

Seeing Argo without seeing the trailer before i sort of assume a similar nuance as Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty (2012): dark, intense, mind-numbing. Especially since both involve some sort of historical narrative laden with political stress involving the homeland vs. sandbox countries, with CIA agent as the main character, and based on true events.

I could not be more wrong. (excuse the accidental Chandler quote :D)

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Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Say, your  co-worker, classmate, neighbor, or family member suddenly lugging around a 5 ft 10 silicone sex doll, how would you react? Would you scream? Laugh? scared of the display of agalmatophilia? or speechless and found words failed you and suddenly incapable to digest what’s happening?

I remember watching The Beaver (2011) where a depressed CEO on the verge of bankruptcy anf family crisis developed an alternate personality embodied by a beaver hand puppet. While also dealing with personal  matters through the aide of an inanimate object, Lars unconventional relation ship with the sex doll is different than the beaver. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like the erotic premise of watdefak movie that also involved a sex doll.

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God of Love (2010)

I always remember the 83rd Academy Awards in 2011, not because of the awkwardness of the two young beautiful hosts, but it was around that time Indonesia movie goers have been starved out of some movie imports embargo. How long was it? I can’t remember, but i remember some friends flying to neighboring countries on weekends just to catch a movie or two.. It is around that time too, i started to regularly doing my movie marathons. Anyway, i know the buzz that generates for the oscar movies, but sometimes i just found joy in discovering curious intrest in random categories. The year before that i was smitten with animated short films, that year i fall in love with the Live Action Short films. Did you remember Luke Matheny, the director of the winning short ‘God of Love’, he was like kermit the frog personified, flailing about in his honest and somewhat charming acceptance speech. Okay i’ve rambled enough, anyways, as it so happen, i finally bought the short on iTunes a few weeks ago, and finally had the chance to watch it few nights back, so here’s just my little thoughts…

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