Pulang – Coming Home (2014)

Documentary | 11 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Yosafat Disti Okkaviano

‘Pulang’ it’s a project from one of Okkaviano’s class assignment. The documentary follows Pak Baban, a fisherman who works on a fishing boats and leave home for 3 months at a time for his job. He had to miss a lot of important events, from religious celebrations to his own son’s death.
For me Pulang was a huge potential to be expanded into a feature length documentary. It felt like a teaser to what a great piece it could become. Like these interview with the main subject, Baban, merely served as an opening statement of documentary. Although Baban is an okay subject, the interview of his tale of hardships did not manage to get personal enough. Instead what attract me the most to this documentary was the last topic from the interview, which was about the sea patrol who are bullying these fishermen for money. That is a good base for a corrupt system of my country as well as a beginning of what could be a very political piece.


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