I Want Your Love (2010)

This article is for Travis Mathews’ short film under the same name, you can also read my thoughts on the feature  film, which was screened at Jakarta Q! FIlm Festival 2013.
Short | 14 min | 2010 | USA
Dir/Writer: Travis Mathews

Two best friends are contemplating taking their relationship to a more physical level.
The film is the grand prize winner of gay short film contest held by TLA video. Travis previously known for his In Their Room series took the level of intimacy he’s so fond of to a next level here. Produced aided by the Naked Sword (one of the most recognized VOD company for gay pornography)  the film offers a very explicit, unsimulated sex scene that significant in Queer Cinema. For me the graphic sex, which took half the duration of the film, overwhelmed the narrative, especially since it is a short film. But the narrative that explores that blurry line between lust and love complicated by the initial friendship of the character is actually interesting to explore. As the film closes we can see the two have very different outcome in the aftermath of their coitus. Mathews ability to convey tenderness in a very voyeuristic feel to it, making you feel as if its your eyes that observe the two character instead of seeing them through a camera lens.


DIRECTOR Travis Mathews | PRODUCER Jack J. Shamama, Michael Keith, Christopher Nana | WRITER Travis Mathews | MUSIC Eddie Foronda | CINEMATOGRAPHER Michael Keith, Travis Mathews | EDITOR Travis Mathews | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 14 minutes | RELEASE April 12, 2010
STARRING Jesse Metzger, Brenden Gregory

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3 thoughts on “I Want Your Love (2010)

  1. sex coreo overwhelmed the narrative! well it’s a hell then (for it’s gay) 0:)
    oh yah, if you wanna see another level of this kind of film, you should watch shortbus, a 2006 perhaps..I’ve got an A for my cultural study because of that..hahahaha

    • I’ve actually seen Shortbus. It’s John Cameron Mitchell film right? I think that one was an exploration of sexuality in a way… Not a favorite of mine though. I just can’t get into it.. XD

      • yeah..I was shockd at the first time, the film surely crazy but it is symbolic somehow, for them (American)..

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