proud Indonesian | love movies, tv, art, design, music | firm supporter of equality | believe in Pop Culture and procrastination | talks and watch whatever i want | not a critic,  just a fan-girl | follow on twitter



If you have any questions, press inquiries, media kit requests, or film makers that would like to collaborate with KaramelKinema please contact me at karamelkinema@gmail.com.

Or simply drop me a line bellow!


18 thoughts on “About

  1. hey just discovered your blog, you got a genuine taste for a girl imo :)

    I write about movies too, in Indonesian though..
    You dont mind if I put your link in my blog do ya? Cheers!

    • hey to you to! thanks for saying that, i just watch whatever i want really xD

      of course not, let me put your link on my sidebar too :)

    • hallo :D well i use english to brush up my skill, actually, i know it’s actually getting rusty, so writing in english is a form of exercise for me. That being said, my grammar is always horrible and i have limited vocab haha.. so sorry about that.
      I’d love it if you put a link to karamelkinema on your blog :) will check out your site too :)

    • of course i dont mind :D will put your link on my sidebar too!
      (sorry for the extremely late reply)

      • It’s actually “karamell” in Estonian, but close enough – Mettel here has been traveling for so long. :D

        And I absolutely adoooore your blog! It’s gorgeous and well-written and great film picks and beautiful stills and a very nice format… ahhh. Super. I’m so glad I’m almost done with revamping my site or I’d just (inadvertently!) steal everything… :D

      • Hahaha so its a bit different but similar enough :D are you an Estonian too?

        Thank you that’s very kind of you! Woots would love to see the revamp for your blog! I adore your footnotes in every posts!

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for the compliment. No i don’t have a Mubi account. Yes all that title card are edited by me :) Thanks for dropping me a line dude. Do visit KK again soon ;)

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