2013: LGBT Blogathon

Part of YAM Mag 2013 LGBT Blogathon. You’ll find posts of my thoughts on movie related to LGBT culture here at karamelkinema and books at  bibliothēchē.

LGBT is an initialism that collectively refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Alternately knows an LGBTQ.

My awareness for LGBT community and homophobia started quite late. It was only after high school did i realize how sheltered i was about the issue. In my country, Indonesia, the  existence of LGBT community are still considered as a taboo and in general there are severely low tolerance about the issue. There are no I personally believe that categorizing people based on their sexual identity is just as demeaning as separating people based on their social-economical class, religion, race, or gender. I don’t think being subjected

I’m a firm believer in love and equality in happiness. So this is my personal effort to show my tolerance and support for LGBT community anywhere but especially in Indonesia.

Fair warning: please read them with an open mind. I am not trying to subject you to offending materials, so if you are a close minded homophobic don’t bother. If you are open-minded and willing to read my thoughts about this movie, i’d be very honored

(link to post will be added once they are published, enjoy!)


4 thoughts on “2013: LGBT Blogathon

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  2. This is a great idea of blogathon! Where do you watch these movies? I always love to watch them, mostly because they’re just… rare. I agree that regardless of the right-or-wrong judgment, LGBTs are there and we can’t keep ourselves blind about them.

    • thanks :D i randomly came across the blogathon at YAMmag.com :)
      I watched the TV shows a few years back (dvd-taulah-dari-mana), yang lain cari dari sumber2 online.. ada yang beli dvd/BR nya, i agree it is hard to find (and even harder to find the good ones!) mostly i got input from some friends or recommendation from imdb etc.. :)

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