2014: Blindspot Series

I had a to-watchlist on my Letterboxd account that contains about 250 titles of movies i want to watch. A mix of new and upcoming film, with nearly half as much older films. I am not knowledgable of the classic, nor i am intended to watch something just because they are the best film of the decade or ever, really. I choose whatever i want (or maybe if i was drawn by the poster!). These are the things that i said i’m gonna watch on a weekend but never have.

So, Ryan McNeill from The Matinee came up with this thing called Blindspot. A very cool idea if you just need to challange yourself like i do. You can make a list of 12 films, one for each month in the upcoming year. So at least i’m gonna have 12 different films to crossed off of that ever growing list!

Spanning from the 20s to the 80s (though a bit concentrated in the 50s i must say), with 12 different directors. Here are my choices Blindspot series of 2014:

BS01 BS02 BS03 BS04 BS05 BS06 BS07 BS08 BS09 BS10 BS11 BS12


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