XXI Short Film Festival 2015: International Shorts – Variety

logoInternational Shorts – Variety segment is one of the must-attend segment on my list. Not only because Academy Awards-winning The Phone Call is on the list, but also because they are the best of short film in the global scale within the last year or so. 

Short | 12 min | 2013 | Swedia
Dir: Cristophe M. Saber
Discipline is a movie that reflects a simple problem of cross-cultural understanding in the smaller scale. A chaotic conflict between different ethnic groups arises, triggered by a simple incident involving a girl who demands candy from her father inside a small convenience store. The incidents triggered misunderstanding and misconceptions. The dizzying pace and well-timed exchanges is everything that made this film work so well as a comedy too.

Short | 15 min | 2014 | Germany
Dir: Una Gunjak
There’s a relativity in the amount of love and care you can give to something or someone. The Chicken explore these notion when a little girl who is celebrating a birthday get a gift of life chicken. She wanted to set it free because she care for it, but she learned that she loved something else more than the chicken. The movie reveal the context of the situation much later towards the ending, which gave the audience a stronger sense of reality in the end.

Short | 3 min | 2014 | Netherlands
Dir: Mariake Blaauw, Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen
Simply hilarious! A 3 minute (sort-of) time-travel comedy about a girl and her life. Extra stars for its pun-tastic title too!

Short | 25 min | 2012 | Swedia
Dir: Talkhon Hamzavi
A personal favorite of mine is ‘Parvaneh’. An tale of unlikely sisterhood bond between two girls with very different cultural and social backgrounds, when a turn of events brought them together. It’s a format of coming-of-age genre that’s been done to death, but i found the journey of Parvaneh is so touching and genuine and so well made and paced. It felt complet like seeing an entire feature film. I would to actually see it as one.

Short | 19 min | 2014 | UK/Irish
Dir: Michael Lennox
This is a funny one, two brothers got a gift of chicken from their dotting fathers. These two chickens brought a new swag for the brothers, giving them neighborhood rep and what not. The film though, convey more than just laughters, there’s heartwarming lessons about family values and what it really means doing something for the ones you love.

Short | 19 min | 2013 | UK
Dir: Mat Kirkby
The much talked about The Phone Call, which came victorious at this year Oscar for Live Action Short Film category, closes the segment. How the story unravel is just delicious. Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent conversation brought the story alive and wrenched the emotion from me. The short wrapped up to an elegant ending and enlightening lessons about embracing life. Not only to the Hawkin’s character but also to audience alike.


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