Upcoming: Academy for Southeast Asian Filmmakers 2015

AASAF00I wonder if any young, southeast asian filmmakers really do stumble upon my humble blog, but if you are one of them, i just received an exciting info about an upcoming event that would be perfect for you! 

Mofilm & Chevrolet are working on a very exciting project called the; ‘Academy for Southeast Asian Filmmakers’ (mofilm.com/ASAF), where they have partnered to celebrate, foster and nurture upcoming filmmakers from across Southeast Asia.

The two Academies (Jakarta 11th-13th May and Bangkok 15th, 16th & 18th May 2015) are a FREE, three-day long workshop and an incredible opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers.

The course is delivered by professionals from the local filmmaking industry, and will cover several aspects of filmmaker theory and practice, with a focus on developing the storytelling skills. Plus, attendees get the opportunity to work on a REAL Chevrolet brief – with the aim to win a cash-grant to make a film and help you make your ideas shine on the screen!

The website is now live, so people over 18 can apply – mofilm.com/ASAF and people can get in touch with the team with any questions: asaf@mofilm.com . Registration close on March 31st 2015.


So there you go, maybe this event is for YOU. So spread the words, or register for the workshop yourself. You’ll never know what kind of opportunity or chanced encounters await :)

Visit: mofilm | MOFILMchannel


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