Blogathon: The Five Senses Blogathon

01Nostra, from MyFilmViews created fun blogathons over the year (including the 5 Obstructions and 6 Degrees of Separation). For 2015 he kick off with The Five Senses Blogathon. (I’m starting to think you have a thing for numbers, Nostra!).

Anyway, the idea for the blogathon is simply quite brilliant. Connect the 5 senses (Sight, Sounds, Smell, Taste, Touch) with your cinematic experience. The association can be about a film or the movie going experience itself. Pretty simple right, you can always join in too :) Read the official announcement to learn more.

In the mean time, here’s my own entry to the blogathon:


I think so far nothing compare to my experience in watching films in huge ass IMAX screen. Funnily enough i enjoyed the 2D as much (if not more) than the 3D films there. I remember watching Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (2012) there (it’s fabulous film, you haters), and the grainy, grittiness looks supremely wonderful.


Here’s something ironic, rather than writing about the sound itself, my fondest memory about sound experience is actually about the lack of sound, a.k.a silences, in films. I love silences in films when they are used in the right moment. Think of that moment of sudden silences in Hunger Games or Gravity. At those times i can feel the entire theater are holding their breaths, lost in the intense moment of the scene unfolded on the screen before them. And that, for me, is magic.


I rarely associate smell with movie going experience, but 4DX changes that. It’s a weird feeling to be able to smell something while you are inside a theater (save for the buttery popcorn smell). And although i don’t think the scent they have for smokes are basically quite pleasant, thus it does not enhance the movie experience by that much. It is still a wonder to see what the technology could bring in the upcoming years. Although watching movies while smelling actual smell of smokes probably quite alarming don’t you think? But think what if we can experience the mouth-watering smell of food in gourmet films to match it’s gorgeous visual on screen?


Ok, i’m gonna be really predictable on this one: Popcorn. Buttery, salty popcorn. Or Caramel. (Or both :D)


Touch is a bit tough isn’t it? So i’m going with touch-y subjects films. My country have very strict rules of censorship. But rather than censoring violence, i think their censors mainly focused on nudity or sensitive religious issues. When this occurences happen i just say, thank god for internet. (Although i wonder why they censors nudity but not naked derrièrre is beyond me.)

If you must insist on an actual hands touching then i must go with touching (read: clutching for dear life onto) my sisters arm when i watch horror films.


So there you have it, my five senses experiences (sort-of) related to cinema. What’s yours?


11 thoughts on “Blogathon: The Five Senses Blogathon

  1. Nice entry and now you mention it, it does seem I have a thing for numbers ;) My next blogathon will be without a number then :)

    Nice pick for silence and Gravity is a very good example.

  2. Silence is a wonderful choice. I would never have thought of it. As for censors, even here in the States they’re much tougher on nudity/sex than violence. Killing people by the thousands is OK for mass consumption, but show one boob and they try to keep anyone under 17 from seeing it at all cost. Great picks.

    • Hi Wendell, thank you for the comments.
      The thing is Indonesian government despite giving a heavy censorship and later giving it a rating, but the cinema chain did not really care about the age restrictions. So that rating become useless after all.. *shakes head*.
      I still don’t understand though why violence are considered to be more acceptable than nudity… :( Hmm does nudity/sex is considered more dangerous or poisonous to the young minds?

  3. 4DX sounds amazing! I wonder if they have it in the UK?
    You’ve got a great point about the use of silence in films. We’re so used to having sound throughout a film – be it the characters talking, the background around them (the countryside, a city etc) or the film’s score – that it’s very noticeable and adds gravitas when it’s just silence.

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