Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (2010)

Short | 17 min | 2010 | Brazil
Dir/Writer: Daniel Ribeiro

(pardon the excessive image use)
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The 15 year-old blind teenager, Leonardo (Guilherme Lobo) has to figure out his feeling towards new classmate, Gabriel (Fabio Audi), that effectively changes the dynamics of his relationship with his best friend Giovana (Tess Amorim).

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The movie captures the sweet and tender feeling of young first crush (if not love), refreshing and feels like spring, and guaranteed will make all romantic-at-heart feels nothing but the warm fuzziness. The movie does not deal with society homophobia, but prejudice came in tame manner from a close friend. But it did not overshadow the actual intent of the movie, self-discovery and sexual awakening. The cast naturalism, combined with the beautiful cinematography, and lovely little tunes made this movie utterly adorable and charming.

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Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho is the recipient of 2011 Iris Prize Awards, an international achievement for gay and lesbian short film. The film had received several nominations and wins for best short film, best director, and best screenplay in various Brazilian and international film festival.


GENRE Romance, Coming-of-Age
DIRECTOR Daniel Ribeiro | PRODUCER Daniel Ribeiro, Diana Almeida | WRITER Daniel Riebiro | MUSIC Juliano Polimeno, Tatá Aeroplano | CINEMATOGRAPHER Pierre de Kerchove | EDITOR Cristian Chinen | STUDIO Lacuna Filmes | DISTRIBUTOR Lacuna Filmes | COUNTRY Brazil | Budget BRL 80,000 | RELEASE July 18th, 2010 
STARRING Guilherme Lobo, Fabio Audi, Tess Amorim

Pictures are screen-captured by yours truly | Voltar Sozinho on IMDb | Official Site
Watch the movie on YouTube


PS: Since i’ve just found the short a few weeks back, i was ecstatic to find out a feature film based on the short film was already in production (after two years of fund raising and script preparation). It is  called Todas as Coisas mais Simples (English: “All the simplest things”) and the preliminary forecast is that the film will premiere in 2014. I just hope the home media release will be available and ship to Indonesia, or at least available on iTunes store.


9 thoughts on “Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (2010)

    • it made you smile and feel all fuzzy inside no? :D
      *throwing you a happy-crying chicken on Line*

    • please do :D i hope you can watch it after work, it’ll take your stress away~
      I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

  1. Just watched it…
    At firsr, I felt quite surprised since it didn’t consist of english subtitle *damn! I don’t know any latin!* but well, we watched the motion picture not the subtitle since the dialogue is just part, not the whole thing, right?
    I love the movie-tone and the close up shoot. Is it just me but the tone is definitely on soft-range, or maybe because the school-costums they picked or always in the day-shoot, never at night.
    Also love their interaction! Especially, Leo and Giovanna’s cute friendship. Well, at the middle of movie I thought Giovanna loves Leo. lol. the ending is also nice, you’re right, it’s a very cute movie to end my hectic friday. thanks for the review!

    • you can activate the subtitle using the close caption :D did u see it without the subs all the way thru?

      i’m not sure i’m familiar with the term soft-range… is it the same with soft light? I think the tone aim to evoke a sense of innocence of youth. And the day shoot probably because the movie is about a crush with a friend that is your classmate, so the interaction mainly connects with school related activities.. Thats just my thoughts though :D

      me too! Giovanna is so protective and loyal to Leo :D i really wanna see how the feature film gonna be like :3

        actually not my first experience, some of french movie didn’t had match subtitle so I need to give up in searching the subtitle files.
        yeah, I watched without subs till the end of the movie! I only saw the gesture, mimics and the smile of the characters, esp Leo’s smile at the end of movie made my day…
        I think I need to watch it again, no?
        yeah, you’re right! it’s about the soft tone, not very warming-tone, but just very soft, and make everything look so bright and soft at this movie. yeah, as you thought, it’s maybe related with innocence of youth
        2014, right? you need to update the feature film then!

      • Lol! XD its okay though since the movie really did not rely on dialogues but on the actors body language and mood. Haha! Sometimes I do that too! And amazingly if the movie is good those foreign dialogue can be unnecessary to enjoy the movie anyway!
        I’ll definitely look forward to it! :3

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