Monthly Digest: 2013 June

A lot of things happened in June, here on KaramelKinema. I finally revamped the layout and the whole website, i applied for LAMB (fingers crossed?), there were two film festivals i went to, and tried my hand at blogathon (or two). According to my letterboxd log i watched 47 films (incl. full feature and shorts) which means i watched about 1.5 film a day. Cool. I finally hit the 10,000 hits mark on this blog which is cool (i think most of it came from google search for WWZ “Mother Nature is a Serial Killer”) but i was sorta panicking because due to the heavy image nature of my posts i almost hit the monthly bandwidth limit, phew!

Anyway, here’s a little digest for the month, to help you navigate what you probably missed on karamelkinema (inspired by inspired-ground 30-days recap :3)

New movies released in June (locally in Indonesia)
The Hangover part III | Now You See Me | After Earth | Man of Steel | World War Z | Monsters University

Old release: whether it come from a few years back or just come out as home media, etc
Kaboom!The Place Beyond The Pines | Into The White

Short films prove that size does not matter.
Some Boys Don’t Leave | Wrestling (Bræðrabylta) | Zucht | Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho | InseparableThe Blue Umbrella

2013 GERMAN CINEMA FILM FESTIVAL by Goethe. Bandung June 22-23, 2013. Blitzmegaplex PVJ
Vergis Mein Nicht | Fünf Jahre Leben | This Ain’t California

2013 KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL by Korea Embassy. Bandung June 25-30, 2013. Blitzmegaplex PVJ
Pluto | Deranged | Miracle in Cell No.7 | My Little Hero | Boomerang Family

2013 5 Obstruction Blogathon, created by Myfilmviews.
Inspired by a film, designed to challenge our writing and creativity. Here’s 1st obstruction post.

2013 LGBT Blogathon from Yam-mag, to promote and raise the awareness, LGBT has been an issue that is so dear to me.  View master post here.

Finally have the chance to share my thoughts regarding episodes of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.
And i wrote about TV shows i’m excited for in the upcoming 2013-2014 period.

So that was all i got for June, did you have fun in June?  What was your favorite film in June? I am torn between Monsters University and Now You See Me, tbqh. You can check some of my favorite quotes in MovieQuote too!

July will be as exciting (if not more!). New projects (one personal, the other one is with SheSpeaksMovies), several posts already lined up to be published, new movies about to come out (hello, minions!), and i can not wait for the second obstruction for the blogathon too! Here’s hoping for joyous July!!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Digest: 2013 June

  1. Nice :) Hopefully LAMB can process your site soon! Nice to see you’re enjoying two film festivals held this month, seems impossible to see them for me last month. Looking forward for the next posts!

    • I hope so too :) I have quite a relaxing month so i manage to do so, i usually don’t go to a lot of festival though, it has been fun indeed.

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