2014 Primetime Emmy: Nomination

2014EmmyIt’s that time of the year again!! Nope nope, not the academy, it’s just the good old Primetime Emmy :D I’m always excited for Emmys but lately with the recent improvement of programing quality (fine, dramas and comedies), i can’t help but to feel more enthusiastic to see which programs or actors or actresses would get the honor. This year the awarding ceremony Seth Meyers is hosting! I like that dude on SNL but i never saw his late night show so far. Anyways, some shows has been putting up serious promotional materials as they were vying for a nomination. Mad Men, which is coming to its finale season, did a series of cool period inspired ads for their FYC advertisement. Breaking Bad is still in the running with their unforgettable finale. A pleasant surprise for me is Orange is The New Black finally becoming one of the contenders for….comedy (though i personally think its a little too intense to be called comedy). I wonder if it would be able to dethroned 4 year consecutive winner, Modern Family. Continue reading