XXI Short Film Festival 2015: International Shorts – Fantastic Shorts

logoInternational Shorts – Fantastic Shorts offers you the wonderfully weird and the brilliantly bizarre selection of shorts. I actually did not plan to see this, but with the traffic and all, i decided to watch this segment anyway. The segment have 9 short including French’s Fol’Amour (fun little short about fool’s love), Netherlands’ Forever Mime (funny but how many more short about Mime do we need to see?), and New Zealand’s Shelved (which is so sarcastic!). Below are my favorite selection from the segment.  Continue reading


International Short: Rome Independent Film (RIFF) on Tour

logoI wonder why i attend this session in the Festival, but i guess i just wonder what kind of short film are being made and enter the Independent film festival in the other side of the world.  Continue reading

Blogathon: The Five Senses Blogathon

01Nostra, from MyFilmViews created fun blogathons over the year (including the 5 Obstructions and 6 Degrees of Separation). For 2015 he kick off with The Five Senses Blogathon. (I’m starting to think you have a thing for numbers, Nostra!).

Anyway, the idea for the blogathon is simply quite brilliant. Connect the 5 senses (Sight, Sounds, Smell, Taste, Touch) with your cinematic experience. The association can be about a film or the movie going experience itself. Pretty simple right, you can always join in too :) Read the official announcement to learn more.

In the mean time, here’s my own entry to the blogathon: Continue reading

Listopia: Best 2014 Movie Poster

I think there are a lot more alternative type movie posters going around last year, which actually make me so happy. I noticed some countries have make adapt their own take of the poster as well. South Korean versions of some films are quite beautiful, just take an example from Xavier Dolan’s Mommy after the cut. See how it use stills that have wonderful nuanced and seemed to be capturing the mood of the film (which i sadly have not seen yet). (Be warned, some NSFW image inside) Continue reading

Hiatus: Off Sailing

Hi guys, so the reason of my hiatus is because of this current event, i am going to sail on board of Nippon Maru vessel for 14 days from Surabaya, Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan.
See you in the end of 2014… or early 2015! :D