Listopia: 10 Most Memorable Moments from Orange Is The New Black Season 2

OINTB210a…Or the things you see in the 13 episodes of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black season 2 that will haunt/scar/scare/disturb/ruin you for the rest of your life. And i’m not talking about When piper made the “He’s a hit-man? I’m so relieved – I thought he was a rapist.” comment either.  (Contain SPOILERS, read at your own risk! Probably NSFW)

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Orange is The New Black: Season 02 (2014)

I have this habit of watching tv series in binge instead of watching it weekly. The anticipation is killing me, that’s why I have not watch this season’s Game of Thrones yet. Instead let me spaz a bit about the return of my personal favorite series: Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. (Fair warning, TLDR, possible SPOILERS-ridden post ahead!)
“Hello, passengers. We want to thank you for flying with us today. We know you have a choice in your air travel…kidding! You have no choice at all, because you’re prisoners. Relax and enjoy our in-flight entertainment, which is staring off into space.” 

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KaramelKinema: The New, The Now, The End of TV 2013-2014

I love my TV series, i almost never watch local indonesian channel because all we have are cheesy soap that lacks of content whatsoever. Nevertheless, i watch a heck load of american and british series. Started out with my undying love for sitcom (started out by Friends, which i have watched more than what is healthy for over 10 years now and i can quote the one-liner on a whim, ba-dum-pum-pshhh!). I still love my sitcoms, but also enjoy police procedural and detective stuff too. So June always marks the transition of television program for me. usually filled with enrage rants when i found out the show i like being cancelled (i especially hate ABC for that) and found out new shows to watch. So here’s what we’ll have in the 2013-2014 period.

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The L Word (2004)

The existent of LGBT character in television and movies are not scarce, albeit stereotyped. While the gay men are often associated with effeminate, flamboyant behaviour, lesbian women are more often than not exist as a mere decoration for the straight men viewing pleasure. There are several series and films that seriously incorporated lesbian characters (including:  Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, etc) while others made lesbian theme into their plot as a phase for one of the characters (e.g: The OC, Sex and The City).

Unlike Queer as Folk being my first gay motion picture, The L Word was my second lesbian themed motion picture. The first one was BBC mini series Tipping The Velvet  which was adapted from a novel by Sarah Waters. The victorian erotica of the mini series revolved around an adventurous yet lightly humorous journey of self discovery, sexuality and womanhood. Which i enjoyed so much, despite it’s sexual content. So after that and the awesome Queer as Folk, i anticipated Showtime to bring another LGBT themed series that would be just as stellar.

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Queer as Folk (2000)

So let me begin 2013 LGBT blogathon with my one of my first and most memorable LGBT encounter in the form of visual media sadly it was not in a form of a movie, but in television series. But as both are basically motion picture, i think it fits the category anyway.

The name of the show is Queer as Folk (QaF), which was a US/Canadian TV show, aired from the year 2000-2005 on Showtime Network. It was adapted from a 1999 UK TV show under the same name (which i just watched sometimes earlier this year). I watched QaF after it was ended in the form of DVD around ’04 or ’05. The series depicts the life, loves, hardships of a group of friends in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania, and their relationship between them, with their peers, and the world around them.

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