Monthly Digest: 2014 June

After being MIA for so long, i finally returned to the blogosphere. Just in time for the summer blockbusters and the release of festivals entries in home media.
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Monthly Digest: 2013 November

Less than 10 frickin’ entries for November. I am horrified. But believe it or not i had a dozen of half reviews that i did not post last month. Not because i’m too lazy to write, but because wordpress does not want me to write a proper post. For the last two weeks or so my editing tools did not show up at al when i’m creating a post and it’s either i write it in codes as text or write it as a text only thing. I choose not to post anything at all while trying all the infos, tips, inquired about the odd troubleshoot that i had. Oh well what’s done is done… Let’s hope for a better December instead shall we?
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Monthly Digest: 2013 October

I realized this blog went untouched for most of the second half of this month. It’s not that i have a writer’s block, mind you, but i have to devote most of my time for my graduation on the 17th (YAY!) and my annual share for Pre-Departure Training for Indonesian Contingent as the alumni of a youth exchange program, just like i did last year too. I was part of the program 5 years ago, but i’m still a part of the active alumni and October through December is what we called SSEAYP season, because the program took place in those months each year. (You can take a glimpse about what i’m yammering about on SSEAYP ID).
Towards the end of the month i manage to watch several movies including Captain Phillips, The Butler, About Time, etc. I did not have enough time to catch Violet & Daisy as well as Thanks for Sharing when it was screened (still bummed out about it). But let’s save the reviews for November. For now let’s look what KaramelKinema have in October Continue reading

Monthly Digest: 2013 September

September is the craziest month so far this year. It was insanely hectic, i attempted to do a small project for the blog through the special 3-part series of Fashion and Films thoughts out loud articles on the blog, but my real life actually have a more significant event: I finally finished my master thesis! Yay me! So after my thesis defense at the last week of the month, i still could not rest my brain because i need to revised the manuscript, write a paper to be published in a journal, etc before i can graduate. Now everything is done right on the cusp of the deadline and i’m going to graduate in October :) Of course, the question (and panic) of getting a real job is hovering in my brain, but i have to put that aside for now. Instead, let’s recap what happened in the last 30 days at KaramelKinema.
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Monthly Digest: 2013 August

August has been an exciting month for! It’s the first anniversary of the blog as well as the time karamelkinema finally become an official LAMB member! Yes, #1652 is the lucky number :D Due to Eid’ul Fitr holiday i did not have a lot of time to write and watch films. Although i had a chance to check out the new 4DX cinema at Blitzmegaplex, which was fun in an almost theme-park-y kind of way!

While there are no new release film that stood out for me, i had fun writing an homage to Xavier Dolan and create a television post about Orange is The New Black. In another news, my Thoughts Out Loud piece i wrote last month was published at :D That was kinda cool!

Here’s a little digest, to help you navigate what you probably missed on karamelkinema last July.

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