Digdaya Ing Bebaya / Of The Dancing Leaves (2014)

Short | 17 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: BW Purba Negara

Looking back to the eruption of Mount Merapi in Jogjakarta, Digdaya Ing Babaya (of The Dancing Leaves) follows three of the survivors who live on the mountain’s slope and refused to relocate despite the disaster they are facing.
Perhaps the most refined documentary amongst all, the short are formed from compilation of rough footage to interspersed with the main film. Every frame is shot meticulously (as carefully planned by the filmmakers during their 10 days shooting time), following these three wonderful grandmothers against the backdrop of the hulking Merapi mountains. Through conversational tones the filmmaker delved into the simplistic reasoning of these survivors, showing how life is better when they live side by side with nature. Capturing a wisdom, that can only be gained when you truly ‘live naturally’ (and i’m not talking about some hipster organic living bullshit either). Something that perhaps even the NGOs, local government, or even me as audience trying to understand, and it was well elaborated by the film.


Digdaya Ing Bebaya is the recipient of Best Documentary Short by jury and media in 2015 XXI Short Film Festival. Digdaya Ing Bebaya means ‘strength in times of danger’. 


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