XXI Short Film Festival 2015: International Shorts – Fantastic Shorts

logoInternational Shorts – Fantastic Shorts offers you the wonderfully weird and the brilliantly bizarre selection of shorts. I actually did not plan to see this, but with the traffic and all, i decided to watch this segment anyway. The segment have 9 short including French’s Fol’Amour (fun little short about fool’s love), Netherlands’ Forever Mime (funny but how many more short about Mime do we need to see?), and New Zealand’s Shelved (which is so sarcastic!). Below are my favorite selection from the segment. 

Fiction | 14 min | 2014 | Iran
Dir: Kaveh Ebrahimpour
Here’s an eye-popping concept, how do you throw a special ceremony of for a friend you’re about to hang. Basically you and your friend discuss the most efficient and proper way to kill him (with a noose? from which tree? outdoor or indoor?) and later celebrate his departure (music and food).

Fiction | 16 min | 2014 | Ireland
Dir: Lee Cronin
Told in a series of flashback that slowly revealed the tragedy of their past, two grown man held a memoriam for their departed childhood friend in an abandoned theme park. The scare was a little on the nose with all the decapitated heads and skulls, but the suspense was well-maintained throughout the short. The sound really helped maintaining the atmosphere. The reveal and twist works for me. Although i wished it was giving a little ambiguous ending about how relative it is to place blame.

Fiction | 18 min | 2013 | Australia
Dir: Josh Tanner
People are afraid of symbols. This film basic idea came from the misunderstanding of symbols and the things that associated with them. When a curious object fall on their backyard, a family of farmer react differently, the son thought an extraterrestrial force was behind the incident, while the father appear to gravely misconstrued the situation. I feel this incident is very relatable to a situation around me when a dear friend of mine who suddenly gain a public recognition was crucified (that’s a bit of exaggeration) for wearing a shirt that bears certain country’s symbol.

Fiction | 7 min | 2013 | Swedia
Dir: Elle Chapuis
A stop-motion animated short in Black & White, Imposteur is about, well, impostor. Specifically we can say it’s a case of identity theft. But bellow the surface of that, Imposteur offer a sinister view on how we often took things at face value (pun intended, ha!).

Fiction | 4 min | 2014 | Netherlands
Dir: Mariake Blaauw, Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen
How often do we take things for granted? Something as simple as our mouths, for example. Mute is funny, albeit quite bloody.

Fiction | 18 min | 2013 | Netherlands
Dir: Jasper Bazuin
Last but not least is Robotics. Well produced short about how human often blissfuly getting tired of routines and went out of their way to ignore it while they took things for granted.


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