International Short: Rome Independent Film (RIFF) on Tour

logoI wonder why i attend this session in the Festival, but i guess i just wonder what kind of short film are being made and enter the Independent film festival in the other side of the world. 

Apparently some of them seem to have quite a sum of money sunk into them (support from local government, etc) and similarly getting inspired by events currently happening in their own surrounding (like the current economic crisis hitting the country). Most left me confused, rather than dazed or heartily amused. The line up was: Ernesto Del Gesso’s Anacleto, Davide Dapporto’s 41º Paralello (a fuzzy recollection of 9/11), Antonio Andrisani & Vito Cea Sassiwood (funny but felt a little but i did not get some of the cultural reference of the joke itself), Davide Labanti’s L’Impressa, Giorgio Borgazzi’s La Bici, and Valentina Carnelutti’s Recuiem.

Short | 9 min | 2013 | Italia
Dir: Giorgio Borgazzi
A story about a man whose bicycle broke down and get helped from a homeless man who later ‘took’ his bike away, only to reveal there are such thing like random acts of kindness from total strangers. In the past two months i experienced a lot of these particularly on bad days, and they turn my day around a complete 180º. I guess it just made me feel hopeful about humanity.

Short | 21 min | 2013 | Italia
Dir: Valentina Carnelutti
‘reCuiem’ is a very thoughtful exploration of grief. Little Leo and his baby sister Annetta, found their mother sleeping like the dead in the morning, their reaction to the events are quite unexpected to me. Unlike how the adults react once they found out about the death of the mother, who are clearly shocked and shaken. I wonder perhaps Death us something that these children can not comprehend, yet. Or maybe these children understood the importance of letting go and let the deceased soul rest without our grief holding them back.


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