Event: XXI Short Film Festival Opening Ceremony

It’s crazy how many exciting cinema-related events is happening this weekend (i counted three, which is a lot!). So i have to choose, right?

I always love short film for a numerous of reasons. I like it for its experimental elements, it’s passion, but mainly because they are coming from young directors who are still very honest and embrace their vision wholeheartedly. It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the new emerging talents of Indonesian Young Directors in XXI Short Film Festival 2013. I got the pleasure of attending the opening ceremony for the festival yesterday. It’s enlightening to see that the interest in joining the festival increased this year, especially compared to last year (55% increase). The origin of the participant is getting more diverse with most of the submission coming outside of Jakarta. They came from Jayapura (the most eastern part of Indonesia) to San Fransisco, aparently.
One of the most interesting fact is that the number of young participants also dominating the finalist list as well. The youngest participant is 16 years old Eka Susilawati from Purbalingga. She directed Ijolan, which compete in Short Fiction Competition. Not only that she directed the film, he also wrote the screenplay, and acted as, not one, but two role in the short. Another interesting young director is BW Purwanegara, who broke the record in XXI Short Film Festival (short) history for becoming the finalist in Short Fiction as well as Short Documentary category.

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After all the speeches and courtesies, the audience is treated to 3 short film from the 3 different categories. Ngejer Sari, an animation short about how bajaj can be transformers too. Digdaya Ing Bebaya, a gorgeous documentary about the live of Merapi Eruption survivor who chooses to be live by the source of the disaster, and offer a wisdom only nature and age can teach them. I did not catch Wregas Bhanutedja’s short though because it’s late (and house is faaaar!), but i will catch it when it screen later with the rest of short fiction category this saturday.
XXI Short film festival not only offer you shorts from these young directors but also foreign shorts including Oscar-winning The Last Call and selection of Rome Independent Film Festival. There are also special programs which include screening of Maryam, Focus on Yosep Anggi Noen and Riri Riza, as well as several exciting workshop related to various field of film industry. So free up your weekend! Catch glimpse of what future indonesia film industry could be like, through the talents of these young directors and their short film :)

XXI Short Film Festival is running from March 18 to 22, 2015 at Epicentrum XXI.
To learn more about the schedule and the festival, please visit 21ShortFilm


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