Event: Indonesian Film Directors Club 2014, Discussion & Awards Ceremony

About two weeks after the first discussion session by IFDC, another invitation was extended to yours truly for the awarding night. …
“I am honored, eventhough i am not an Indonesian, my film is considered to be very Indonesia” ーDaniel Ziv (Jalanan, 2014). IFDC event at Dia.Lo.Gue, Kemang (2014) 

The Discussion  
I came on time to the venue, but apparently the discussion had started 30 minutes early that day. The place is crowded by filmmakers: from Riri Riza to Edwin, and everyone in between who have created shorts or feature films. The lively discussion, hosted by Yandy Laurens (director of Wan An), is already quite heated at that time. The movie makers shares their two cents about their struggles within the industry, whether it is to secure funds and sponsorships for their projects or to conform their original creative visions to the demands and restrictions of their stakeholders. I think it is the classic problem for all artists who need to make a living out of their arts, whether to follow to claim ownership of their artistry and idealism or to conform their vision into a more commercial to gain wider appeal. Although it felt more like a brainstorming rather than a discussion with a specific output, it was quite enlightening (and rather amusing) to see each directors have speak their minds through words instead of their audio visual creations.

The Intermission
One way lead to the other and i found myself infront of Riri Riza without any questions in my mind and nerves wrecking my brain at  that time. So i ended up asking him about the nominations of IFDC itself and the selection process of the films. Apparently, the films which were eligible as nominees were the ones that were released in Indonesia in 2013-2014.

The Awards
Of course i’m curious to see the winners of each category, i have my personal favorites in each ones and guess what? 2 out of 3 of my predictions were correct. The winner of Best Director for Short Film is none other than the humble Aditya Ahmad (Sepatu Baru). The winner of Best Director for Debut Feature-length Film category, ironically, is Daniel Ziv for his documentary Jalanan, which i heard received rave reviews everywhere although i havent seen it for myself. The last category was Best Director for Feature Film, which was won by none other than Lucky Kuswandi for Selamat Pagi, Malam, which was a personal favorite and clearly stood apart from the rest. I really wished Adriyanto Dewo (Tabula Rasa) would win in the category for Best Debut Feature so i would hit a trifecta, but apparently he got his win in this year FFI Award in the Best Director category.

I enjoyed IFDC events so much this year, and i wish they would improve the content of their discussion and allow other communities to have a wider dialogue together.

To learn more about IFDC, please visit ifdclub.org


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