Event: Indonesian Film Directors Club 2014, Discussion on ‘Jejak Penyutradaraan Film Indonesia’

It was raining that day, November 8th. I thought i already late to the venue but apparently the speakers running late due to the rain and perhaps the weekend traffic of Jakarta. The venue is Dia.Lo.Gue, a well known art space i know as the a graphic design firm in Jakarta. Riri Riza (director of Sokola Rimba (2013), Petualangan Sherina (2000)) the moderator of the event still sat in the waiting room. Slowly the empty seats began to be filled by some directors (the familiar and non familiar), reporters, film industry workers, film students, and perhaps one of two random ones, like yours truly….
Crisis is a happy insanity! ーGarin Nugroho, IFDC event at Dia.Lo.Gue, Kemang (2014) 

DISCUSSION: Backtracking on (the style of) Indonesia Film’s Directing  
The speaker of the afternoon is Garin Nugroho (Daun di atas Bantal (1998), Opera Jawa (2006)), Slamet Rahardjo (works as both director and actor), and Hafiz Rancajale (founder of @forumlenteng and many other art&cinematic communities/activities). The title of the discussion did not really translate to the discussion, instead i learned his craft through his experience as actors theatre production, thus affecting his directorial style where staging become one of the most important aspect. Nugroho, who works since the 60s,  grow up in the midst of artists and constantly changing environment, which in turns infused his directorial style with a pronounced aesthetic aspect and multiculturalism. Nugroho was known as the nouvelle vogue director of indonesia, although the man himself said at that time, he never really watch french new wave films, due to limited resources and various government restrictions and censorship. Instead, he read the book on the topic which inspired him when he made his films. It is interesting to see there’s a gap in these directors style that was not only contributed by each of their characters but also their backgrounds (their basic educational backgrounds seems to be quite the defining factor too). These differences also applied to their creative films and the objective of their filmmaking.
One of the biggest question during the Q&A was launched by Upi, another Indonesian young director. She asked the opinion of the panel about how Indonesian directors and their works compared to the other international directors’ in the global scale and she wondered if there’s a certain characteristics of Indonesian film that could be instantly recognizable by the viewers. Riza thought that Indonesian film industry still hasn’t had a stable output of directors who can produced good films (perhaps by IFDC awards). He also mention that nowadays people are less concern about which country a film originated, but rather whose individual voice the film belongs too.
What is IFDC & IFDC Awards?
Established in May 2012, IFDC or Indonesian Film Directors Club is an association for Indonesian film directors. Currently there’s over 50 productive Indonesian directors in this association, and this number is expected to grow in the future. The main objective of IFDC is as a space for Indonesian film directors to network, share their knowledge, and other things with the hope that it would be able to inspire them to create.
IFDC Awards 2014, is the first of its kind, will honor the best indonesian film directors for his technical and aesthetic craftsmanship in cinema. There awarding ceremony will commence on November 22nd, and  there will be three awards given this year (Best Feature-length Film Director, Best First Feature Film Director, and Best Short Film Director). I am loosely translating the terminology because Jalanan, for example, is a documentary feature.  I sort of wish there will be voters from outside the IFDC members (because i want to!) and it would be cool if there’s a screeners copy of all the film or a screening :D But i digress, anyway….

The Nominees are:
3 Nafas Likas – Rako Prijanto
Cahaya dari Timur: Beta Maluku – Angga Dwimas Sasongko
Jalanan – Daniel Ziv
Selamat Pagi, Malam – Lucky Kuswandi
The Raid 2: Berandal – Gareth Evans
Vakansi yang Janggal dan Penyakit Lainnya – Yosep Anggi Noen

Jalanan – Daniel Ziv
Mari Lari – Delon Tio
Sagarmatha – Emil Heradi
Tabula Rasa – Adriyanto Dewo
Vakansi yang Janggal dan Penyakit Lainnya – Yosep Anggi Noen

To learn more about IFDC, please visit ifdclub.org


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