Listopia: 10 Actress I Would See In Just About Anything

When i was making my short list for Top 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything i had a few actresses in mind for the list. So instead of mixing it with the actors, i made this separate list of Top 10 Actresses I Would See In Just About Anything (again, sorted by age):

The oldest and the probably the most recognizable name on this list is Sandra Bullock. Although i often thought of her as a more commercial actress, Bullock definitely have a wide range in her performances. She can drive the bus, strut in a pageant, or float in space, for crying out loud! I love her in Two Weeks Notice.

The woman that are graceful enough to be multiple of queens (whether fantastical or royal for more than one occassions) :D The one and only Cate Blanchett. I super love her in Blue Jasmine.

The first time i saw Jessica Chastain was in The Help in a supporting role that get her  first academy awards nomination. Since then i saw her range from a female leopard and to the lone agent whose ambition is to take down the most wanted man in the last decade. I still need to see her older works (particularly interested in Jolene). In my humble opinion her best role was Celia Foote.

From the 70s to tackling boyfrien’s pervy teddy bear, Mila Kunis is one of my favorite female actress that i love to see in comedy. I never thought she could tackle a more serious role like becoming the arch enemy to her rival ballerina, which i think still her best role so far.

Perhaps the one i actually grew up with: Anne Hathaway that i’ve seen in since she was just an awkward teenage princess and blossomed into ass-kicking femme fatale in leather suit. I think her performance in Les Misérables was gorgeous, with her limited screen time she remains memorable and impactful.

Looking great in every hair and rocking every role, seamlessly transitioning from an indie productions to blockbuster flicks. It seems that Scarlett Johansson really did little bit of everything. Did you know she was in Home Alone 3 and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie? Me neither XD But her most memorable role was perhaps as the OS who fall in love with 641 people and made us viewers fall a bit for her too.

Amongst any other Emma (there’s at least 2-3 other emmas out there at the moment), Stone remains as my favorite. Although her projects are not as diverse as the other emmas, i think Stone always left a pleasant impression in my mind. I love her chemistry with Garfield in Spider-man reboot and i think she was funny in Easy A! I am looking forward to her acting in Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight (yes i haven’t seen it yet) and whatever upcoming untitled project Allen (as well as Cameron Crowe have in 2015. She’s the one to look out to!

A lot of people find the girl overrated and i tend to agree on some (like last year Hustle overratedness). But i’m still a supporter of Jennifer Lawrence. I love her dramatic performance in Winter’s Bone wahich i think deserved the Academy more than her role in Silver Linings Playbook. I am afraid to whatever collab she’s about to have with O’Russell but i look forward to Hunger Games two-part conclusion just because of her (because i despise the last book).

I never saw her on her TV Series, though apparently i’ve seen her in her childhood. But the first time she caught my eyes were when she was in The Descendants with Clooney, and she’s been in my radar since then. I crowned her the queen of YA adaptation with 4 YA books adaptation under her belt: The Spectacular Now, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and White Bird in a Blizzard. Who knows how many more YA adaptation role she’ll get, though it was a lucrative business i hope she’d be more selective of her roles.

The youngest actress on my list is the charmingly adorable Elle Fanning. I saw glimpses of her in Criminal Minds, then much later in Super 8 and Ginger and Rosa. She looked pretty in Maleficent, though not really given anything to work with, acting wise. although none of her role are particularly intersting but i have to admit i really like looking at her (what a shallow reason, i know). But currently she have several future projects line up including one with very interesting premise from John Cameron Mitchell (though i love/hate his work so far).


Almost made it on the list: Naomi Rapace, Meryl Streep, and Audrey Hepburn :D

Fell free to create your own list and please send me a link so i can see who’s in your top 10 list.


5 thoughts on “Listopia: 10 Actress I Would See In Just About Anything

  1. Great list! Sandra Bullock is definitely someone whose movies I watch all the time. I do find Jennifer Lawrence overrated (her performance in American Hustle included), but I really liked her in Like Crazy (I actually like her in her smaller roles). Emma Stone is such a darling, but even she won’t get me to see the Spider-man movies (I’d watch her other films though).

  2. The Descendants is another novel adaptation (although it’s not a YA novel) anyway :) All 5 movies in Woodley’s resume are novel adaptations… I think I’ll dedicate a post for her :D

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