ReView: Harry Potter Wizard Collection

Harry Potter: Wizard Collection
Box Set (Limited) | 31 Disc (Blu Ray+DVD) | 2012 | UK
Distributor: Warner Bros.

The crown jewel of my small collection of home media release is probably this glorious box set of Harry Potter franchise, cheekily named the Wizard Collection box set. Although i’m a fan of the franchise i never bought the home media format before, though i used to rent the DVDs before the rental shut down. Anyway i was salivating the moment i heard that this particular box set is about to be released. I remember it was about $200-250 ++ (shipping fee) on Amazon but i even though i can scrape enough cash for the box set alone, i am terrified at the custom and import fee (the box is HUGE!), and imagining it ruined during delivery or lost in mail was just a terrifying possibility. So i decided not to risk it then. Months passed and i never really given this item much thought when one of the local Blu-Ray seller i know apparently had it in stock at an even lower price than Amazon (even without calculating the shipment fee!). I was instantly sold! And so i had this piece of gloriousness in my current collection.

With 31 discs, the box set includes all 8 films in the franchise in both Blu-Ray and DVD (and of course include digital copies). It include the extended edition for the first and second films. I wished it includes all the extended edition for all film though :( It also includes the 3D version of the last two films (Deathly Hallows, part I and II). The rest of the films are theatrical version.

EXTRAS: ★★★★
The box set includes 31 disc of Blu Ray and DVD which consists of all eight films, more than 30 hours of special features, an exclusive bonus disc (only available in this set), additional extras for The Deathly Hallows, the final two entries in the ‘Creating The World of Harry Potter’ documentary, deluxe packaging and several of collectibles including certificate of authenticity since it’s limited to 65000 copies. You basically getting all the extras ever released for previous individual editions and includes the 8-parts documentary of ‘Creating The World of Harry Potter‘ in Blu Ray format only. For collectibles, you’ll find a gorgeous 48-page hardcover book ‘Harry Potter Catalogue of Artifacts’, a 32-page ‘Harry Potter Label Collection’ booklet, an envelope containing five handsome black-and-white Stuart Craig illustration, another series of cards featuring color concept art paintings (that looked like a film stills) one for each films, a large 24″ x 36″ tapestry of the Hogwarts grounds, a replica of Salazar Slytherin Horcrux locket, a blueprint poster of the Hogwarts castle, and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Now isn’t that just mouth watering?

The design of the box looked like it came out from the film itself. Well designed and definitely handsomely well-made (looking like faux leather). Looking like a simple box that opens to multiple compartments (several hidden ones as well). All the DVDs and Blu Rays are housed in 8 separate digi-books, which is divided based on each film in the franchise. The digibooks are sturdy, almost resembling a book, neatly storing all DVDs and 2 Blu Rays under each films. The 31st disc, the set’s bonus disc, was hidden in a paper sleeve at the behind all the middle compartment of the box sets. Showing the flair and genius in design of this box set. There’s a hidden compartment at the base of the box set lid that would reveal the Hogwarts Map tapestry cloth, the blueprint, and a copy of Catalogue of Artifact hardcover book. Funny thing, i actually did not know about the hidden compartments (that contains map, blueprint, and book) until i was having a photoshoot for this post, haha!

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter in general, this is probably the best film box set of this franchise out there. If, like me, you never bought any of the previous release, this would be a good option, though there are more streamlined (sans all the bonus, extras, and gimmicks this box has). The box set is definitely a collector’s item that you should get if you don’t mind spending a small treasure for it. I

39646_largeHarry Potter: Wizard’s Collection
RECOMENDATION For hardcore potterhead.
LANGUAGE English | SUBTITLE English | FORMAT NTSC, Widescreen, Box set, Multiple Formats | REGION A/1 | NUMBER OF DISCS 31 Discs | PRICE $ —  | RELEASE September 7, 2012


Disclaimer: I purchase the product on my personal expense. This post reflects my personal thoughts and honest opinion about the product. For a more comprehensive list of extras and infos about this collection view it on


3 thoughts on “ReView: Harry Potter Wizard Collection

  1. Oh my god.. oh my dear god. If I had money.. if I only had money, man, I want it.. for the sole purpose of inviting people over and showing this to them like a price of some sorts. Man.. can you imagine a similar box set for Lord of the Rings? Or any other franchise. MARVEL!!! My god, I’m seriously having some major issues right now… this all looks like porn to me, this is too much. I have to leave, I’ll check back when I’m emotionally fine again.

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