Listopia: 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything

So, Nostra from My Film Views kindly tagged me to do this blogathon/list thingy where i should pick top 10 actors whose films i would watch unconditionally. Like Nostra i choose to put strictly male actors on the list despite i have a few favorite actresses i love just as unconditionally. Actually coming up with this list was a bit of a challenge for me since i usually gravitate towards specific directors instead of actors. So, here’s my TOP 10, in descending order based on their age XD

Tom Hanks
The oldest and the biggest name on this list is . I believe i’ve watched most of his films from Big to Captain Phillips (sadly robbed from his Oscar nomination for that one). The man can do everything from voice acting to rom-com and pretty much everything in between (including creating a top rated app). I love him in Castaway.

Leonardo DiCaprio
The man that grew from his teen heartthrob status into a legit actor, . I used to have a crush on him during the Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet era :D. Now he’s a fellow collaborator to one of my personal favorite director, Martin Scorsese. His talent was recognised early on in What’s Eating Gilbert’s Grape and hopefully will continue to established his name as one of the most versatile currently working in the industry. I love him in The Wolf of Wall Street

Benedict Cumberbatch
I remember  name because it reminds me of an egg dish. Though in all seriousness, he showcased his potential through biographical TV Movie, Hawking. His name begin to be more well known and he just started getting amazing roles in the last couple of years or so. But I slightly partial to his roles as villains purely because he can oozes hatred through his speech very well. Although he pulls off condescending, smug bastard very well too in Sherlock (which i love!).

If N did not force me to watch Hunger i would miss the wonder that is Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender. He begin with powerful performances in indie flicks while making some unfortunate acting choice, but now slowly raising to stardom through small memorable roles and joining powerful franchises. But his performance is always a constant and hopefully will continue to be stronger. I love him in: Prometheus.

Tom Hardy
You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling’ is probably the most memorable quote for me in the last 5 years. And i think partially it was Tom Hardy who said it. I think of him as a versatile actor, going from romcom to drama to badass action roles seamlessly. He acted as Heathcliff one of my favorite hero from classic literature but he was most memorable in Stuart: A Life Backwards. There’s no where but up for this guy. I love him in: Warrior.

James McAvoy
There’s something vibrant in the way  acts. It’s like he jumped wholeheartedly into the shoes of his roles. I think his best roles were those smaller british production ones, like Rory O’Shea Was Here, I still hadn’t seen him the british version of Shameless though. I am delighted that he was in the same franchise with Fassbender and looking forward to more exciting roles, including him in the illusive The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby with Jessica Chastain. I love him in: Filth.

Tom Hiddleston
I am smitten with ! I will forever thank Kenneth Branagh who brought him on Marvel’s Thor. You probably see him causing trouble for the super heroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe or perhaps saw him in shakespeare tragedy The Hollow Crown. The man does stageplay, shorts, does animated singing, cameos in Muppets movie, and countless of random awesomeness. Not only i would so watch him in anything, i’d basically hear anything by him! (That is why i have an app of him reading poems and that audio book. This guy is lethal for me! Go see him in Jarmusch’ Only Lovers Left Alive and Terrence Davies’ The Deep Blue Sea. Though i ultimately love him in, The Avengers.

Ryan Gosling
 has a lot of good films in his resume that established him as one of the finest actor in his generation. His distinct voice is perfect in portraying distant, quite characters that he often portrays in his films. But he is definitely not one-note actor. I like him in Half NelsonDrive, and The Place Beyond the Pines. But I absolutely adore him in the understated Lars and The Real Girl.

Dane DeHaan
A friend pointed out how  looked like Leo DiCaprio in the 90s/early 2000s. But i don’t think that is why i gravitate towards him. I immediately drawn to him since i saw him in Chronicle. And i’ve been following his career ever since. He’s got that slightly emotionally disturbed look that are both sinister and vulnerable about him. Which made him pitch perfect for his role in the TV series In Treatment. I am so glad seeing him tackling various projects to expand his range, especially Life After Beth which is supposed to be a zombie romantic comedy (need to wait a bit for that to be available in home media) and portraying James Dean in Life. Seeing him in Chronicle was like a love at the first sight.

Erza Miller
The youngest actor on my list is . This kid is damn good. His performance in We Need To Talk About Kevin, alongside Tilda Swinton, was a sight to behold. And he actually captivates me in The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the supporting role (better then the leads, to be quite honest). His journey as an actor seemed to have a hard start, i wonder why, but the few future projects he have seemed promising enough. (I just hope it won’t prematurely crash and burn). Do yourself a favor and go watch We Need To Talk About Kevin.


Almost made it on the list: Johnny Depp (his earlier films are better than his later ones, sadly), Robert Downey Jr. (mainly because of his sass), Javier Bardem (that gravitas!), George Clooney (you silver fox, you!), and of course Tom Cruise (because, he is Tom Cruise!).

So who were the previous participants?
1. Abbi at Where the Wild Things are
2. Fernando at Committed to Celluloid
3. Kristin at All Eyes On Screen
4. Jaina at Time Well Spent
5. Nostra at My Film Views

I’m passing this to: Lovely fellow blogger Mettel Ray :)

19 thoughts on “Listopia: 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything

  1. Incredible list. Ezra Miller is quite the surprise at #1. But I love your inclusion of Dane DeHaan at #2. So good.

    Also… mother of god is your site beautiful. I have not visited in awhile and I was blown away. Good job!

  2. Great job on the new design, love it as always! If you have time, you could send me a banner for your blog that I can put on my blog’s sidebar.. I only have three blogs at the moment but I’d love to include yours as well!

    List is great, some of the picks I’d have here too I think but I’m still thinking about my list.. I hope to have time someday.. maybe I get it up on Tuesday.. fingers crossed! But like I said, 7 days of work ahead.. the first 3 pretty much 12 hour shifts, lucky me! :D

    • Thank you Ray :D Would love it~! I’ll send you one ASAP :) I feel very honored :)

      Feel free to take your time Ray, Nostra tagged me about a week ago too xD And i only got the time to do it now.. So, no rush! Ouch! Good luck you!!

  3. Wow! Great list! Ezra Miller is #1, I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s got the charm too great for a youngster it attracts anyone (of the opposite sex, or the same). No offense ;)

  4. Awesome list! I feel the same about so many of these, and I love that Ezra Miller is #1. He’s so underrated.

      • What are those 3 names, may I ask? ;p Certainly not MICHAEL FASSBENDER. THE MAN.

        I know riiiight! Ezra’s career looks so confusing right now. :(

  5. Great list here! I’m glad that you included Ezra Miller on the list. I loved him in Perks :) So glad to see Tom Hanks on here too . . . he’s one of my favorites of all time, and I loved him in Cast Away too! :D

  6. Oh yes for Hiddleston and Fassbender :) I think I’ve seen about 80% of their filmography, Fassbender has been in some fascinating stuff prior to Hunger.

  7. I love your list! It’s a total mix of awesome actors. I really like your inclusion of Dehaan & Miller. They’re definitely big up and comers that I can’t wait to see in more roles.

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  9. I so, so agree with you on this one! And you’re totally right about McAvoy, he has an amazing energy onscreen. Hiddles is such a class act, and Hardy is really growing on me – his work in Locke was incredible.

    Oh DeHaan, I hope to see more from him in the future. I just noticed the other day while re-watching True Blood that he was in it, and he was good. Hope he can do a convincing James Dean, it seems odd that he’s the one playing him instead of Pattinson.

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