Blogathon: Against The Crowd

I’m in the middle of my Harry Potter Appreciation month and i needed to take a break after going halfway through the franchise. So while i was blogwalking the other day, i saw Sati (cinemati ccorner) and Anna (film grimoire) posted this awesome blogathon post called ‘Against The Crowd Blogathon’Dell on Movies is the creator behind this awesomeness, you can go to this page to learn more about it. The rules are pretty easy and self explanatory:

  1. Pick one movie that “everyone” LOVES. That movie must have a score of at least 80% on rottentomatoes. Tell us why you HATE it.
  2. Pick one movie that “everyone” HATES. That movie must have a score of less than 30% on rottentomatoes. Tell us why you LOVE it.
  3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

So here are my picks

No.. actually i don’t even know what story this Mondo poster is referring to. I guess since i’m not even a horror movie fan in the first place i don’t think i get how special this film was to its genre. And i usually love Joss Whedon‘s work almost unconditionally. I can deal with the fact that these horror-film archetypes are actually under some mysterious ritual, planned and under the surveillance  of some shady organization. If they stop at that i would enjoy it a little more (and i don’t mind it’s meta-ness at all). But when somekind of twist occurs towards the end that involved somekind of divine apocalypse plan, i lost my interest. I just felt its one step too many. I just don’t know whether it’s the joke or should i take it seriously. The film kind of reminds me of Araki’s odd Kaboom (2010). The difference is, i know since the beginning what to make of Araki’s odd ball tendency, i think i just expect a little more from something that Whedon created.

So you probably gonna think i’m crazy but i actually enjoyed This Means War. I think it was a perfect mindless, popcorn flick to enjoy when you hang out with your girlfriends. Why? Because~ … (a). hello eye candy (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy -with all his britishness-ness, duh!), (b). it contains some male POV (its just funny to see Pine and Hardy planned the perfect date for their girl), (c). none of those weepy romance crap, this is the girl being proactive! (d). Chelsea Handler basically being her drunken sarcastic self. I think the film is funny in a sitcom-ish kinda way and i really enjoyed the fact that there’s some random almost unrelated action happening. It was cheap fun and i don’t mind it at all :)


I had quite a hard time finding things that people hate but i love since the rating need to be bellow 30% on tomatomater but it’s been fun! So there’s my two choice, what’s yours? :)


16 thoughts on “Blogathon: Against The Crowd

  1. :) Great read. Have seen Cabin in the Woods myself (twice) and I do love it even though I don’t like horror. As for This Means War…all the negative reviews plus the subject matter have kept me away from that one…don’t think I’ll ever check it out, but happy to hear you at least had a great time with it.

  2. This might be my favorite entry because I feel the exact opposite way as you on both. I’m a huge fan of Cabin in the Woods. I’m also a horror fan and a sucker for horror spoofs, so there’s that. Meanwhile, I do indeed hate This Means War. I’m glad somebody liked it, though. Thanks for playing!

  3. I completely agree with you–I HATED Cabin in the Woods! I don’t even think I could get halfway through it. I appreciated what it was trying to do, but what a hell of a bore.

  4. Excellent selections! :) It’s funny because the first time I watched Cabin in the Woods I was like “OMG this film is amazing, fjkfgsjkfsdk!”. Then I saw it again recently and thought it was kind of lame. So I totally get where you’re coming from!

    • Sometimes it happens isn’t it? I guess we tend to overlook a lot of things during the first viewing so sometimes, second screening could change our thought (sometimes extremely so that we could hate what we loved and vice versa) toward certain films (now that could be a legit idea for a blogathon too xD)

  5. I had NO idea people hated This Means War. I loved that movie, it was so much fun! I agree with what you said, and I thought it was quite funny and original, too. I’m really surprised to see it has such a low RT score!

  6. Love the graphics you made here! Ahah, I didn’t care for This Means War apart from Tom Hardy’s hunky-ness. I just don’t find it believable at all that these guys would be fighting over Reese!

    As for Cabin in the Woods, I didn’t hate it but I’m also not in love w/ it as others do.

    • Thanks Ruth XD Tom Hardy’s hunky ness was the reason i watched this film, but i really enjoyed it nevertheless..
      Maybe i just didn’t get the appeal of Cabin and felt it’s just weird

  7. And let’s compare to my choice that’s bad and is actually good, I had 24% on PS I Love You, and though I enjoyed This Means War, in my eyes, PS ILY is far better than this so… I mean… camon!

    Cabin in the Woods still unseen by me so I can’t comment on that. :D

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