reView: XXI Short Films volume 1 (2014)

XXI Short Films volume 1
Compilation | 105 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Distributor: EzyMata

XXI Short Films festival winners of 2013 had a limited screening last year. Due to its limited release i was not able to see them. Since my friend N (shespeaksmovies) was raving so hard about Yandy Laurens’ Wan An, i can’t help but regret missing the screening schedule. So i am pleasantly when a new home media distributor, EzyMata, release the films in a compilation format.

The compilation consists of 6 short films: 1 narrative fictions (Wan An), 2 animated shorts (Moriendo and Keripik Sukun Mbok Darmi), and 3 documentary shorts (Jadi Jagoan a La Ahok, Honey I’m Home, and Salah Gaul). Each films has its own strength and flaws. Since most of these winning films are produced with very limited budget the video quality of the narrative and docu usually are low. Jadi Jagoan a la Ahok is a political piece following Basuki Tjahja aka Ahok, the current governor of Jakarta, during his 2009 campaign for People’s Representative Council from Bangka-Belitung. Moriendo is an poignant animated short with an unfortunate dialogue and voice acting, but definitely had a breathtakingly gorgeous visual. Of course Laurens’ Wan An is definitely worth checking out.

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No extras available in this DVD release. (Such a shame really, it would be cool to hear some short introduction from respective directors  or a comment from a respected figure in local film industry about each short films)

The compilation is packed in standard issue black plastic casing and slipcover. The title of the films inside of the disc can be seen on the front with detailed information of the content on the back cover. You can recognize the side of the EzyMata releases with the rectangular red logo of the distributor as well as the spine number, made it easier for you to find it in stores, really. XXI Short Films volume 1 comes with a bookmark bonus and a leaflet.

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XXI Short Films is not flawless, yet it’s an essential must have for all local cinephiles because: a) these are the future filmmakers of indonesia, and b) it’s always money well-spent for local products and supporting (the good) local filmmakers.

The compilation retails for IDR 59000 and you can get your copy at local stores both offline (such as disc tarra, duta music, etc) or online (Organum, IDFilmCenter, etc), or contact EzyMata directly.

RECOMENDATION Must have, support your local filmmakers.
LANGUAGE Indonesia | SUBTITLE English | FORMAT PAL | REGION ALL | COUNTRY Indonesia | RUNNING TIME 105 minutes | PRICE IDR 59000  | RELEASE April 2014 

For further info contact: EzyMata


Disclaimer: I purchase the product on my personal expense. This post reflects my personal thoughts and honest opinion about the product.


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