Monthly Digest: 2014 June

After being MIA for so long, i finally returned to the blogosphere. Just in time for the summer blockbusters and the release of festivals entries in home media.

Movies seen in June
22 Jump StreetCahaya Dari Timur: Beta MalukuEdge of Tommorrow | The Fault In Our Stars | The Grand Budapest Hotel | Maleficent | Mari Lari | Tom á la Ferme | Under The Skin

Include publishing a few older post:
A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw A Hole-in-One (short) | FilthGodzilla | KillersSepatu Baru (short) | The Raid 2: Brandal

Blindspot blogathon June pick: Jules Dassin’s Rififi (1955)
as well as February pick: Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et La Bête (1946)

The return of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black Season 2 | 10 Most Memorable Moments

A humble and open gratitude to Kepompong Gendut‘s Sunny Soon as well as Lucky Kuswandi for trusting KaramelKinema as an official media partner (and including my blog name on the posters) of Selamat Pagi, Malam/In Absence of The Sun. It was a privilege for me to be included in this experience. Sincerely looking forward to your future projects :)
Read my review for Selamat Pagi, Malam | Events Coverage: Previews and Premiere

Last but not least, hello, this is July! It means more Summer Blockbuster to come (which i probably gonna skip) and also the bi-annual Criterion Sale on Barnes and Noble! Old collector probably looking for the july releases while new collectors, like yours truly, are having a hard time deciding which of the old releases should we get first. I really hope customs won’t make my life difficult this time :'(


2 thoughts on “Monthly Digest: 2014 June

  1. I really need to see Orange is the new Black. Everyone keeps talking about it and just like with Masters of Sex I haven’t even seen one episode.

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