Listopia: 10 Most Memorable Moments from Orange Is The New Black Season 2

OINTB210a…Or the things you see in the 13 episodes of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black season 2 that will haunt/scar/scare/disturb/ruin you for the rest of your life. And i’m not talking about When piper made the “He’s a hit-man? I’m so relieved – I thought he was a rapist.” comment either.  (Contain SPOILERS, read at your own risk! Probably NSFW)

Yep the list consists more amazeballs things that beats Porstache RETURNS!

10. When the inmates shared their thoughts on Love (which range from psychotic to actually sweet).
tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo4_r1_250    tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo3_r1_250tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo5_r1_250    tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo10_r1_250tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo6_r2_250    tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo8_r1_250tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo2_r2_250     tumblr_n6ume9QNaq1ryqrrdo1_r1_250

09. When Alex double-cross Piper (AGAIN! Girl friend seriously gotta learn~~) and the inmates numerous CATFIGHTS!

08. When Larry and his dad shared a bonding moment.

07. When Pensatucky flashed us those messed up teeth.

06. When Sophia enlightened the mystery of female anatomy to fellow inmates (So, so, so, soooo TMI).

05. When the hidden dark past of Lorna is revealed.

04. When Larry (Piper’s fiancé) and Polly (Piper’s married, best friend) goes over the line.

03. When karma finally working, and she’s one though bitch alright!
02. When Piper is no longer the most annoying inmate,

…which means Piper (sort of) become a bad ass now
tumblr_n6tlcqkHZK1ty8k6eo1_250    tumblr_n6tlcqkHZK1ty8k6eo2_250tumblr_n6tlcqkHZK1ty8k6eo4_250    tumblr_n6tlcqkHZK1ty8k6eo3_250

01. Crazy-FUCKING-Eyes Suzanne basically taking over the entire season!! She even overshadowed Vee as the season’s main antagonist.

So have you finished binging on the second season of Orange Is The New Black? Did you have any memorable moments from this season?


And plus: Vee and The Fault in Our Stars :D


6 thoughts on “Listopia: 10 Most Memorable Moments from Orange Is The New Black Season 2

  1. Loved Lorna and Caputo this season! And that final scene felt so good, I hated Vee.

    I guess another memorable moment would be when they abandoned Jimmy, the so-called “compassionate release” – it was horrifying.

    • Caputo is taking the center stage this season, loved him too! I hated Vee too >_< but she was so rotten!
      Oh you were right! 'compassionate release' was traumatizing for me ;___;

  2. So many good ones here! Crazy Eyes was amazing this season.

    I think I’d add – Mendez’s returning scene when he’s handing out shots, when Soso gets all the inmates to break out in a singalong, & “RUN NUNS, RUN!!”.

    • Soso~ God, she’s such an annoying character in an i-wanna-hug-her-while-having-sellotape-across-her-mouth kinda way XD Mendez return was tooo short~! I do hope we’ll see how the scandal between him and Daya will pan out.

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