Thoughts Out Loud: Return of the Blogger

(Has it really been 4 months?!)

So it was a four month hiatus (which is far longer than i had last year). And it was truly something i did not expect to happen this year. But it was like one incident after another and then actual real life things that needs priority. At the end of January my precious (my reliable macbook) had random shut down issue, which took about 2 months to get sorted out by the local authorized service center for analysis and to import the necessary parts to fix. (Seriously, dear Apple, Indonesia need a local genius bar!). Anyway after that i must travel away (not really jet setting though). In April i went to Langkawi, Malaysia for SSEAYP annual international assembly (very beautiful place, but super hot!). Last month to the land of Wadjda for Umrah (There really weren’t any theatre there! Although i did watched a 1950s, arabian musical during on board of my plane there).

Since i rarely go to the cinema now that i’m back in my hometown, i spent more time watching things at home. My hometown have several cinemas, but they are all from the same franchise therefor did not have a wide variety, and since my hometown is only a small satellite city to Jakarta and not a big city like Bandung, most of the film they carry are local films (of the cheap ero-horror or er0-comedic variety, not the good ones *sigh*). I begun to appreciate how easy it watch a movie when i was still in Bandung. I can no longer have an all-day movie marathons, stay out all night for a midnight viewing, re-watching films i enjoyed, or the private movie screening (since i’m the only person in the theater) like i did back then. So instead, i found Criterion.
So now that some of my disposable income does not go towards buying cinema tickets, i bought Criterion and Master of Cinema series. Since i only have a very limited knowledge about older films, i think The Criterion Collection and Master of Cinema series are a well curated reference. Plus, their special features worth almost as much as the film itself. Unfortunately you can not buy these collections in just any record/DVD/Blu-Ray stores in Indonesia. The choice is either to import of to buy from a specialized seller. Which is quite expensive even though Amazon sell them in a lower price, but with the added shipping fee and custom and tax charge, the end quote is almost as much as paying for the MSRP.

Talking about recent films however, i am so happy for Xavier Dolan for getting another positive response in Cannes for his latest feature, Mommy. Although the film did not get the coveted Palme d’Or, it shared Prix Du Jury (Jury Prize) with Adieu Au Langage by Godard. Dolan must felt pretty good to share the same recognition as the director that influenced his art. On a positive note, i finally have copies of Xavier Dolan first two features: J’ai Tué Ma Mère and Les Amours Imaginaires on DVD from Madman AU. My friend S kindly helped me to get these and it got lost for a month by the post office, but thankfully remain unscathed! I’m still deciding whether i need to get the Blu Ray for Laurence Anyways or getting it later if Madman also released his later features.

I am trying to published some of my older drafts (including reviews for some of the shorts in XXI Short Film Festival 2014, which i attended last March), but i probably could not catch up with all the films anyway. Last but not least, KaramelKinema is graciously invited by Kepompong Gendut to promote an upcoming Indonesian film called Selamat Pagi, Malam (In The Absence of The Sun). I was invited to their special screening that coincided with World Intelectual Property Day last month, and it was a rare piece to come by in Indonesian film industry. Look out for special content related to the film (interviews, event, reviews, … and perhaps giveaways? :D)
So, yeah, i am officially back! Crossing that to-review list one by one right now not to mention adding more to my to-watch list , i’m looking at you: Orange is The New Black season 2!!! (read the first season review). I found it a bit harder to write now, but hopefully it’s like riding a bike, i just need to get used to it again :)

Much Love, KaramelKinema ♥


20 thoughts on “Thoughts Out Loud: Return of the Blogger

  1. Happy to have you back on the blogosphere! It’s kinda shocking because you don’t even show up in Twitter too (different from me, write so little on blog but talk so fussily on Twitter, lol).

    Same condition, I moved to new city since April and there is only one cinema (cinema21 to be exact, with only four theaters, sigh!) who mostly shows ‘cheap’ local films (even Maleficent hasn’t been screened here :| gosh) so yeah, mostly I see DVDs or download movies to watch.

    Love to see Selamat Pagi, Malam, mostly because Marissa Anita is in it (a breakthrough!). But, well, chances are it won’t be screened here anyway. *fingercross*

    • Thank you Akbar! Glad you still remember me :D

      Oh but i do hope you’d be able to enjoy a decent film once in a while though… I really hate the fact that i should endure traffic jams to jakarta to be able to enjoy a decent film now >_<

      I really hope it would be available in your new city (where are you now btw?). Eventhough it's the first time i saw Marissa Anita, i think she's really good here! I enjoy her performance immensely!

  2. Breaks are good.. would have been nice to get some here and there “I’m alright” messages but I lived through that! :D Nice to see you posting again and stuff, hopefully no long disappearances any time soon. :D

  3. Welcome back! My computer is always on the fritz, so I totally relate to losing so much important data. I hope you have a better summer and rest of the year. Can’t wait to read your new reviews and posts. :)

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