Sepatu Baru / On Stopping The Rain (2014)

Short | 14 min | 2014 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Aditya Ahmad

A little girl living in a slum area is restless as the never-ending rain prevents her from wearing her brand new shoes. Burned with the desire to try the new shoes, she is about to call upon the old traditional way to stop the unstoppable rain.
Sepatu Baru (means ‘new shoes’, in english) follows a little girl (Isfira Febiana) during a grey rainy day in narrow alleys of her neighborhod. She moves heaven and earth to stop the rain so she can wear her new shoes, even resorting to a desperate measures and most unconventional method. What made the film super special is the cultural tradition that the become the highlight of the film. I love creative works that embraces the local wisdom and made it into a strength of the film. I think it’s a positive way to preserve and promote Indonesian traditional culture and values.

Back to the film itself, there’s almost no dialogue in the film, the lead actress did not even have any line. Yet through gestures and visual cues we understand the film perfectly. The reveal at the end is pretty funny, even comical almost. I wished there were some editing choice that did not happen (like those added diffused glow like effect at the end, it just felt a little overdone), but as a whole the film is pretty special, showing the promise of the young filmmaker. Aditya Ahmad brought lightness and an air of innocence through this film, a very refreshing feeling indeed. I can not wait to see what more can he bring to the local film industry.

GENRE Comedy, Children
DIRECTOR Aditya Ahmad | PRODUCER Aditya Ahmad | WRITER Aditya Ahmad | CINEMATOGRAPHER Andi Burhamzah | MUSIC M. Yusuf AG | EDITOR Aditya Ahmad | COUNTRY Indonesia | RUNNING TIME 14 minutes | RELEASE 2014
STARRING Isfira Febiana, Ali Topan, Irwanto Danumulyo, Asmaul Husna

IMDb | Trailer


Sepatu Baru (On Stopping The Rain) received a Special Mention at the 2014 Berlinale Film Festival’s Generation KPlus category (for children). It is also selected as the Best Narrative Feature by jury and media in 2014 XXI Short Film Festival. Sepatu Baru is Aditya Ahmad graduation project. One of his recent work was a music video for the theme song of Sokola Rimba (2013)

Read SheSpeaksMovies’ Interview with the director of the film.


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