Filth (2013)

“That’s M.U.R.D.E.R. Which spells S.E.R.I.O.U.S. so if I don’t get my A.R.S.E. in G.E.A.R. I’m gonna be in S.H.I.T. Okay?”

I freaking loved Trainspotting (1996)! The first time i watched it a few years after it was released, when i was still in junior high, it was on VCD format, and i don’t think i understand half of it. But i always remember there was a pulse of energy in the film. Loud. Ballsy. Chaotic. Very, very much alive. A while later i found out it was based on a novel, but the book was not available in the imported bookstores at that time. I remembered i borrowed a copy from a friend but i did not understand half of it at the time.

When i found out earlier last year that James McAvoy will be starring in an Irvine Welsh adaptation, i know i have to look out for the film. The reasons are three-fold: 1) It’s McAvoy speaking in his w tongue! 2) It’s McAvoy speaking in his mother tongue, in an Irvine freaking Welsh film!! 3) It’s McAvoy speaking in his mother tongue, in an Irvine freaking Welsh film, where he hops on a pig bareback and climbs cocaine ladder on the absolutely cool poster for the film!!! *need to calm down*
If you were thinking that Jordan Belford is one disgusting, dirty fucker, think again. Meet Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy): bipolar, bigoted, corrupt cop, manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter. The film open with a scene from a murder of a japanese student, Robertson is tasked with investigating the murder of a Japanese student, but it immediately becomes clear that he (as well as the film) is far more interested to indulged in his debauchery: drink, fucks, and schemes his way to gain a coveted promotion. He appears like the perfect candidate for the job in front of the boss, slyly kept his substance abuse and mental instability under a tight wrap. Having no redeeming quality whatsoever. The man manipulates his friends to the purpose of self fulfillment, fucking them over one at a time (often quite literally).
The epitome of anti hero, Bruce is total, utter asshole, and McAvoy was pitch perfect in his role, giving one of the best performance of his career. Amidst the race for the promotion, and an on-going murder mystery that is happening, we saw Bruce begin to unravel, slowly spiraling down the drain, loosing his grips on what left of his insanity, desperately clutching on to a hope that were never there. Baird delivers an end product that is is darkly comic, feverishly frenetic, and disarmingly tragic. Bruce is the embodiment of ‘filth’ here, manipulative and mean spirited, it’s hard not to want give him a punch or a kick (or more). McAvoy manage to carry this vile, despicable character into one that captivates my empathy and i can sympathize with. Even with a great array of supporting cast, he carries the film almost single handedly. The twist of the film hit me like a wrecking ball, and that climactic moments was the defining moment that made the film as powerful as it is.
Though the story are bleak, the technical aspects of the cinematography enhance the feeling and adding that stylistic visual notes that give an extra jolt to the film. Which helps a lot when the pace become somewhat sluggish in the middle. Sadly the score accompaniment often become distracting and somewhat unfortunate. But this is one of those film that is an ultimate embodiment of one character, that is lead by McAvoy.

Vulgar. Twisted. Yet riveting. Filth are not one for the faint hearted (or those who found The Wolf of The Wall Street to be indulgent and offensive). Now let me load up some of that Irvine Welsh books on my kindle. Absolutely itching to start reading his works :D

F00FILTH (2013)

GENRE Drama, Comedy, Crime
DIRECTOR Jon S. Baird | PRODUCER Jon S. Baird, Mark Amin, Christian Angermayer, Will Clarke, Stephen Mao, Ken Marshall, Jens Meurer, Celine Rattray, Trudie Styler | WRITER Jon S. Baird | MUSIC Clint Mansell | CINEMATOGRAPHER Matthew Jensen | EDITOR Mark Eckersley | STUDIO Steel Mill Pictures, Film i Väst | DISTRIBUTOR Lionsgate | COUNTRY Scotland | RUNNING TIME 97 minutes | BUDGET $3 Million | RATING R for language, sexual content and brief graphic nudity | RELEASE September 27, 2013 (Scotland), October 4, 2013 (UK)
STARRING James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, Eddie Marsan, Joanne Froggatt, Shirley Henderson

IMDb | Official Site  | Trailer (RED BAND)


DID YOU KNOW? James McAvoy has the ability to vomit at will. The scene where Bruce is sick was real vomit. (Must come in handy, huh James?)


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