Monthly Digest: 2014 January

2014 begun! For me it means awards season (Globes, the Academy, etc) and finally seeing those Academy nominated films and for the first time compiling my annual favorites list :D

Movies (plus shorts) seen in January:
American HustleBlue Jasmine | Dallas Buyers Club | Her | Inside Llewyn DavisLittle Favor (short) | Saving Mr. Banks | Short Term 12 (plus the short) | Wadjda | The Wolf of The Wall Street

Joining a year long blindspot blogathon at The Matinee, January pick: Robert Wiene’s Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari (1920)

Award talk: Golden Globes 2014
The Red Carpet | Winners and Memorable moments

This january i co-hosted a blogathon called Life, Love, and Movies with Nostra from Here’s my submission, you can view the complete participators links here. I hope this January will mark the beginning of a good year ahead of us. In the mean time, view my first annual retrospective posts:
2013 Retrospective post: Best Films | Best  Film Posters


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