AwardTalk: 2014 Golden Globe Moments

Better late than never (picspam ahead)

So, i’m a late to the whole Golden Globe Party! But you know i really enjoyed this one, the red carpet was okay, leaving me excited for whatever these celebs will wear come the Oscars (yes that is fairly important for me).

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GG-B-CuaronBullock02I knew i am going to get a good show when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the ceremony. I love the two since their SNL days and they remain as the most hilarious ladies working in comedy today. Anyways you just know it’s gonna be quite a show when they poke fun at one of the greatest film this year:
“Gravity is nominated for Best Film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die then to spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”
(I am super impressed that Cuarón can match that with his little herpes anecdote during his speech as well!)

The two ladies previously hosted the 2013 Golden Globe awards and of course they could not help but to poke fun at sequels: ‘Because this is hollywood and if something kinda work, they’ll just keep doing it until everybody hates it’.

GG-B-ThompsonMatt Damon is such a good sport for accepting the garbage-person joke, i adore this guy! Well so is Martin Scorsese and Jennifer Lawrence Poehler joke. As well as poking fun at prosthetic genitalia in films this year and Tom Hanks :D

Emma Thompson presenting later in the night with martini in one hand and her Christian Louboutin heels in the other. Julia Louis-Dreyfus always a fun and hilarious to watch. Of course i have to point out Jim Carrey finally poking Shia LeBouf plagiarism scandal (‘Dying is easy. Comedy is hard. I think it was Shia LaBeouf who said that. So young, so wise‘).

Anyway, seemed like most of the actresses who won their respective categories seemed flustered and fumbled with their speeches including Jennifer Lawrence, Jacqueline Bissett, and Elizabeth Moss. But some manage to keep their coherence and some of their wits, like Amy Poehler did.
GGB-11Not only the girl *FINALLY* won in her category, but she also made out with Bono (an important thing to point out). Cate Blanchett win for her role in Blue Jasmine is not a huge surprise, they should just gave her all the awards without bothering naming other nominee to be quite honest. Although i’m not happy about any American Hustle wins, i love Amy Adams speech, she’s a sweetheart and deserved to win more and her speech is just so endearing and adorable (‘You can not play me out of talking about my daughter’).

Of course what’s an award show without a couple of surprises, the good and the bad. THE BAD: The win of American Hustle in any category annoys me, talk about overrated films (as much as i love Jennifer Lawrence i think Lupita Nyong’o deserved the awards more). The win of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Andy Samberg, was another surprise, i might made my peace with Samberg winning because i like the dude. But the show (which i enjoy) won over The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family? That was still a huge shock.

THE GOOD: I know i’m the few people that actually excited for La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) win over Jagten or La Vie d’Adèle: Chapitres 1 & 2, it probably won’t win at the Oscar, although i love this film too much. Spike Jonze won for best screenplay, not my first choice but he’s such an adorable speaker (‘I’m a terrible public speaker and bad at speaking English. And it’s the only language i know so bear with me’). Dallas Buyers Club actors Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey won in their respective categories, although they’re not my personal choice i think it was still a well deserved, albeit surprising win! Of course: Leonardo fucking DiCaprio just win the best comedy actor, holy crap! GIVE HIM THE OSCAR, AMPAS!

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Of course just also realised Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult is back together. (And to that here’s a collage of the two of em and Lawrence comical mug throughout the ceremony).
HFPA and AMPAS does not have huge cut in the venn diagram of winners, so i think there is still a huge chance of a very different set of winners. Although i have yet to seen Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska these two can have quite a good chance in some of the categories as well. Looking forward to the nomination announcement  on the 16th! :)

Watch Amy and Tina monologue of 2014 Golden Globe


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16 thoughts on “AwardTalk: 2014 Golden Globe Moments

  1. Good commentary. I agree with most of it.

    We could definitely see a different set of Oscar winners. The two ceremonies tend to have some overlap, but they also tend to look for some different things. (The Oscars tend regard gritty dramas a bit more highly, for example.) We’ll find out how it all plays out soon enough.

  2. Great post with some great images and thoughts. I was really underwhelmed by the awards though. Perhaps its because I don’t think that this past year really had a lot of stuff to warrant celebrating over. It was a very meh year and there’s so little to get excited about…

    • I think it was quite the opposite for me, i enjoy 2013 so much and i was looking forward to see what they gonna acknowledge. That being said, i hope 2014 would be more spectacular.

  3. Great images here! I wasn’t surprised that American Hustle got so many awards. I think they’re giving them a whole bunch of Golden Globes so they don’t have to give them Oscars. That’s my conspiracy theory!

  4. I’m enough satisfied with all the winners, especially for Jared Leto. I don’t see Dallas Buyers Club yet, but I always believe in his talent, eventho I’m not buying his bunheads-style, geez, how could hugo boss’ stylist let him be like that???

    I also agreed Lupita should be the one who be at the stage. I mean, she’s totally deserved it. I cried two times at 12 Years of Slave because of her, it’s still mesmerizing to remember those moment, meanwhile, I thought J-law still has another-another times for winning. but the positive point was we could see her smooched her bf. Yes, they got back together since they were filming X-Men: Days of Future Past. I love this couple! I though Hoult is the greatest accessorizes for J-law at that night bcos I don’t get her Dior-dress.

    Cumberbatch and Fassbender danced together. damn! damn! sexiness is all over the pic

    i’m bored with Di Caprio but the host made a great job about vagina-supermodel, so I think I’m okay with his winning.

    lovely recap!

    • hey you! Is that a bunhead on leto head? i was not paying attention! i thought it was just a pony tail or half pony or smthn XD But Dallas Buyers Club is great, i love that one!

      Lupita is snubbed! Everyone’s love toward Hustle is ridiculous!

      I know!! How cute right XD I adore the dior dress, but i wished it would be styled a little edgier, the model on the runway looked fiercer than her no XD

      Yes brit sexiness!!! Hahaha

      I think he deserved the win! :)

  5. Great post! I love that Leo and Bradley took their mothers with them :P I’m sure they will do the same for the Oscars. Loved Amy and Tina, that Clooney joke was hysterical!

  6. Really enjoyed that. Loved all the pics from the show. I’ve only seen clips of the Golden Globes but from what I’ve seen Poehler and Fey did a great job – loved their opening monologue.

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