Little Favour (2013)

Short | 22 min | 2013 | UK
Dir/Writer: Patrick Victor Monroe

LITTLE FAVOUR follows WALLACE (Benedict Cumberbatch), former secret service agent, when he is contacted by a former colleague to help him out with a deal gone wrong, and collecting a little favour he owed.
The short opened with Wallace opening a message from a bad date as he tried to add some semblance of normalcy in his life. The opening was intriguing, PTSD-ridden Wallace is solidly embodied by Cumberbatch. This is probably the most physical and action-esque role i’ve ever seen Cumberbatch in. Not a lot of things are explained at the beginning which really built mystery upon the story. The middle part was a tad ineffective and get really predictable. But the twist towards the end was interesting enough. The cinematography is made out of cold tones and gritty images, putting an emphasis to the shadowy nature of the cloak-and-dagger world.

Little Favour is a £87,000, crowd-funded, first project from Cumberbatch et al production company SunnyMarch Ltd. The 22-minute short is an action thriller film for a 20+ minutes short, i wished there are more that the film could offer, especially for the middle part. But the vagueness of the ending is quite satisfactory and saved the film for me.


GENRE Short, Action, Thriller
DIRECTOR Patrick Victor Monroe | PRODUCER Adam Ackland, Ben Dillon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Victor Monroe, Adam Selves | WRITER Patrick Victor Monroe | MUSIC Will Hensel, Patrick Victor Monroe | CINEMATOGRAPHER James Friend | EDITOR Nigel Galt | STUDIO SunnyMarch Ltd. | COUNTRY United Kingdom | RUNNING TIME 22 minutes | RELEASE November 5, 2013 (iTunes)
STARRING Benedict Cumberbatch, Nick Moran, Colin Salmon, Paris Monroe

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4 thoughts on “Little Favour (2013)

  1. I’ve never been a fan of shorts, I need more time to connect with a character. Which is ironic because I also don’t really like poetry.. I just don’t like things explained shortly.. yet, I love simplicity. Man, I’m a complicated specimen of a human. :D

    • LOL! Shorts are fickle like that. There are shorts that are great, packing deep storyline and history of characters within minutes in length. This is not one of those though. But i love to find treasures amongst shorts, things that later turn into a feature length sometimes started as short :D hahaha but i do get what you mean. Sometimes when i watch the good ones, i’m sad to know the characters just for a short period and leave me craving for more.

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