KaramelKinema: 2013 Retrospective

Looking backwards to 365 days of 2013.

Eventhough ‘Blue Is The Warmest Color‘, apparently Pantone decided that 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid (haha), thus the purple color on my post banner. I had a great time in 2013. Especially if you see what happen to my blog from June 2013 up till now. I had this blog for almost two years (in the upcoming august). But i am quite happy with what happen in the last 7 month. The blog got a major reconstruction and re-design, which i’m quite content with up till now. There’s a lot of room for improvement that i hope to deal with when i do my annual redesign later this year.

According to both wordpress annual blogging summary, my letterboxd account, and my own blog. Here’s the year 2013 of KaramelKinema in numbers:

  1. I had 44.000+ hits (significant improvement from the 2000+ i had last year)
  2. I published 200 new posts.
  3. The highest hit i had was 457 hits in a day
  4. The post with the highest hits is The Wolverine (2013)
  5. I watched 235+ films in 2013 ( it’s more than that i’m sure, but i only joined letterboxd in June)
  6. I joined 4 blogathons and 1 movie meme.
  7. I attended 4 film festivals, and
  8. I joined LAMB (proud #1652)!

Here are some of my favorite things i blogged in 2013!

KK_Theme201309_zps346db2c3 KK_Fest-Q

Movie-wise it has been an adventurous year for me! I tried a lot of foreign films and really venture out of my comfort zone (not counting horror of course). I had fun doing interviews and i wished i could find more filmmakers who were willing to do answer my questions :D. It’s also fun to get to know more movie bloggers from around the globe as well as getting my first ever hate comment saying how appalling my grammar is (which shouldn’t bother me, considering that English is not even my first language, but shocked me nevertheless).

But i’m already excited for 2014! I hope i can maintain my regular posts and improve my the writing and content for my blog :)

Coming, very, soon: 2013 BestList(s)


21 thoughts on “KaramelKinema: 2013 Retrospective

  1. On the one hand, I’m quietly proud that I just finished my fourth year of posting every day. On the other hand, I’m beginning to wonder how and when to end that streak.

    As for my watching habits, I finished over 500 films in 2013 – the most I’ve ever watched in one year. Perhaps all the better: it was virtually a 300/200 split between first-timers and rewatches. Gotta love increasing the film-literacy to that degree!

    Oh, and one more notch on the belt for 2013 – it was the year I finally watched every Best Picture winner. Some real duds in that list – some unexpected gems too.

    PS – That badge you’ve created for Blind Spot is beautiful.

    • That’s amazing achievement Ryan! What a dedication!
      I don;t think i’d be able to pull it off XD

      I hope i’d be able to watch all Best Picture noms too.

      I’m glad you think so :D

    • I hope so!
      That nail polish post is sort of my personal favorite XD I’m not a beauty junkie but i love nail polishes! And the HG nailpolishes are definitely pretty! :D

  2. Hello fellow Indonesian blogger :D WOW, you watched 235+ films in 2013?? That’s incredible! Btw, do you live in Indo? I live here in the States for the past 20 yrs, tapi masih bisa ngomong Bahasa Indo dong :D

    • hai ruth! iya tahun lalu sambil bikin thesis, so i need a lot of distractions to avoid stress haha. Yep, tadinya di Bandung sampai November lalu, kemudian sekarang sudah kembali ke Depok :D Hebat!! Masih mempertahankan bahasa dong ya :D Nice to know you btw, and thanks for the comment :D

      • Oh my hubby is from Jakarta too so we speak Indo at home :)

        Well now that we know each other, you’re welcome to visit my online *home* FlixChatter any time :D

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