Monthly Digest: 2013 December

2013 finally come to an end.  Even with dozen of films i have yet to watch i am still quite content with what i’ve seen on the last month of the year.

New movies seen in December
Frozen | The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | Don Jon | The Counselor | Sokola Rimba | Soekarno

Previously released
The Act of Killing | La Grande Bellezza | La Vie d’Adèle | Much Ado About Nothing | The Spectacular Now | The Way, Way Back | About Time | 12 Years A Slave | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | Captain Philips | Cold Eyes | Ilo Ilo | Snowpiercer | Something In The Way

MOVIECUBE. December Theme: Post-Apocalyptic
Wall·E (2008) | 12 Monkeys (1995) | The Hunger Games (2012)

Mini size bites: Aningaaq | Reunion Dinner

Earlier this December, Nostra from featured KaramelKinema on his Movie Site Spotlight, I was honored! Later this month i finally saw the annual short, short video from The New York Times featuring this year’s best performers in Making A Scene. Katy from The Drama Llama created an awesome movie meme called The Movie Alphabet! You should post your list too! (here’s the official meme page).

Some nominees are announced in anticipation for the upcoming awards season, to join the merriment bloggers can join CineKatz’ 2nd Annual Golden Katz awards and have a little fun on our own! Meanwhile if you’re looking for a thing to do (movie blog-wise) in 2014, Ryan McNeill from The Matinee’s Blindspot series seemed like a doable thing for the upcoming year! (you can see my list too)

I hope your December was awesome and you had a great time celebrating new years! Here’s for 2014 and let’s hope for a superb year ahead!


I still need to see: Her | Nebraska | Dallas Buyers Club | Saving Mr. Banks | American Hustle | The Wolf of Wallstreet | The Act of Killing | Kill Your Darlings | Filth | Inside Llewyn Davis | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | August Osage County | Blue Jasmine | Short Term 12 | The Selfish Giant | The Wind Rises | Omar | The Missing Picture


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