Reunion Dinner 回家過年 (2011)

Short | 15 min | 2011 | Singapore
Dir/Writer: Anthony Chen

A family portrait as they celebrate the eve chinese new year in traditions and annual reunion dinners, set against the backdrop of the changing landscapes of singapore that transcended several decades.
Anthony Chen created Reunion Dinner (‘Hui Jia Guo Nian’) for lunar new year of 2011 in Singapore, which was screened during the celebration at River Hongbao with the accompaniment of Singapore Chinese Orchestra. The film showed the same similar simplicity and theme of family that Chen did ever since Ah Ma (2007) to Ilo Ilo (2013). Chen works is strongly based on the chinese culture and customs, one of the prominent race in the melting pot that is Singapore. The timeline of the film begins in the 60s/70s period and span to the current day Singapore. The family do their preparations and follow the customs that still intact for generations and show the depth of their bonds and values that they shared through simple acts and habits.


GENRE Short, Drama
DIRECTOR Anthony Chen | PRODUCER Felicia Tan | WRITER Anthony Chen | MUSIC Singapore Chinese Orchestra | CINEMATOGRAPHER Jean-Louis Schuller | EDITOR Joanne Cheong | STUDIO Fisheye Pictures | COUNTRY Singapore | RUNNING TIME 15 minutes | RELEASE February 1, 2013

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