Aningaaq (2013)

Short | 7 min | 2013 | USA
Dir/Writer: Jonás Cuarón

SUMMARY: Aningaaq, an Inuit fisherman camping on the ice over a frozen fjord, talks through a two way radio with a dying astronaut who is stranded in space, 500 kilometers above Earth. Even though he doesn’t speak English and she doesn’t speak Greenlandic, they manage to have a conversation about dogs, babies, life and death.
Aningaaq is a companion piece to Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. Writen and directed by  the son, Jonás Cuarón, Aningaaq show us what was happening during that distress call transmission that Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) made. Set in a vast, icy, tundra landscape, there’s a similar sense of isolation like what the outer space offered in Gravity. Aningaaq is facing his own personal struggle, something that is not less important as Stone’s own predicament. Without watching Aningaaq we know the importance of the scene alone, yet with Aningaaq we had more insight and give a deeper context that parallels with Gravity’s overall theme.

Aningaaq is a wonderful companion piece, but it was poignant enough as a stand alone. It was screened alongside gravity in some festivals and will be included in Gravity BluRay and DVD release.

A04ANINGAAQ (2013)

GENRE Short, Drama
DIRECTOR Jonás Cuarón | PRODUCER Jonás Cuaron, Nikki Penny, Gabriela Rodriguez | WRITER Jonás Cuarón | MUSIC Steven Price | CINEMATOGRAPHER Alexis Zabe | EDITOR Jonás Cuarón | RATING PG for mild thematic material | DISTRIBUTOR Warner Bros. Pictures | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 7 minutes | RELEASE 19 October 2013
STARRING Orto Ignatiussen, Sandra Bullock

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DID YOU KNOW? Aningaaq is another name for Aningan or Igaluk, a lunar deity in the Inuit mythology and one of the most powerful gods of the pantheon.


9 thoughts on “Aningaaq (2013)

      • Yeah, I know it is on there and have been planning on seeing it for a while now, but have not come around to it yet (pretty bad considering it is only such a short movie). Had different priorities :)

  1. Yeah, I’m with you here. As a companion piece to Gravity, it is great…but as a stand alone it is too vacant. You need the backstory of Gravity itself to make this as poignant as it is.

  2. I rewatched Gravity yesterday, still my favorite of the year and the scene with the transmission was probably the film’s most powerful moment. I really need to check this short out soon.

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