Monthly Digest: 2013 November

Less than 10 frickin’ entries for November. I am horrified. But believe it or not i had a dozen of half reviews that i did not post last month. Not because i’m too lazy to write, but because wordpress does not want me to write a proper post. For the last two weeks or so my editing tools did not show up at al when i’m creating a post and it’s either i write it in codes as text or write it as a text only thing. I choose not to post anything at all while trying all the infos, tips, inquired about the odd troubleshoot that i had. Oh well what’s done is done… Let’s hope for a better December instead shall we?

New movies seen in November
Thor: The Dark World | Lee Daniel’s The Butler | Prisoners | Frances Ha

Blogathon | Breaking Emotions
Awkward and Fear | Surprise and Tears | Smiles and Thrills | Love and Hate

Wrote a list of my personal favorite movie-related nail polish (to inspire you for a small token holiday gifts for another beloved movie lover or yourself perhaps? :D)

The never ending list of unfinished to-review movies:
About Time | 12 Years A Slave | Catching Fire | Captain Philips | Cold Eyes | Ender’s Game | Hors Les Murs | Ilo Ilo | Snowpiercer | Something In The Way | White Night

Plus i just watched The Counselor and Don Jon. So let’s throw that to the list as well. *sigh* I really, really have a lot of catching up to do! Well, hopefully my December would be better than my november! And hopefully yours will be too! Last month of 2013 guys!! Are you ready for 2014?!


4 thoughts on “Monthly Digest: 2013 November

    • It was quite annoying! Thank god it was resolved but i definitely have a lot of catching up to do!

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