Breaking Emotion Blogathon #03 Smiles and Thrills


The third set of emotions from MettelRay‘s awesome Breaking Emotions blogathon came out last monday! For the first time i manage to post this one quite promptly :D After ‘Fear and Awkward’ and ‘Surprise and Tears’ now we have ‘Smiles and Thrill‘!

Smiles come pretty easily for me because there’s a lot of film that could easily made me smile (mostly for its joy or its adorableness). While thrill need a little bit more thought for me, but i have several titles come to mind for several different reasons :D. So here are my choices:


03 Frances Ha (2013)
There’s something very relatable about Frances Halladay journey as she deal with her quarter life crisis. We saw her in her most vulnerable state, we disagrees with some of her attitude, and we can not help but cringed as she kept making one bad decision in the wrongest time possible! But there’s an undeniable joy to see her finally getting her act together at the very end. And i just remember having this warm smile plastered on my face as i feel i well up with emotions.

02 (500) Days of Summer (2009)
For most people, smile probably come in during the happy period of Summer and Tom. For me, smile came when i saw the new optimism in Tom as he really moved on and met Autumn :)

About Time (2013)
I love Richard Curtis films, i think most of his work feature a beautiful relationships that has some oddity and yet so adorable at the same time. About Time was the very spirit of adorkable. I can not help but to smile like a loon as Tim tries to impress Mary repeatedly and as their relationship blossomed. What really made me smile of course is the wedding scene which could easily be disastrous yet become something perfect in its own imperfections.


03 Cold Eyes (2013)
Sure car chase and guns ablaze are guaranteed formula for a high octane films, but Cold Eyes offer different kind of thrill. Dramatizing police surveillance task force into an adrenaline pumping flick done with efficiency and effectively for its 120 minutes duration. I found myself holding on to the edge of my seat and my eyes remain glued to the screen, gripped by its staccato pace.

02 The Raid: Redemption (2011)
Indonesian film made by welsh director Gareth Evans garnered international recognitions for its white-knuckled, adrenaline-pumping, hand on hand combat scenes. Lethally choreographed traditional martial arts infused this violent action films, which were made under a relatively low budget. Evans manage to deliver non-stop action sequence within the 1oo minute run leaving the audiences literally breathless. I wonder if the sequel will be able to live up to its predecessor.

01 Rush (2013)
This is a film that both visual and sound design made me feel the thrill of seeing a car race. Even more than what i saw from glimpses of Formula 1 on TV. From the picture of piston pumping to the ear deafening sound of engines. And to top it all, the overall impression i get is just gorgeousness!


This entry is the third installment out of four-part series of 2013 Breaking Emotion Blogathon.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Emotion Blogathon #03 Smiles and Thrills

    • Thanks Elina! I can’t wait till Ray put the blogathon overview! would be fun to see the compiled list of people’s entries!! :D
      Why of course my dear, how can i not include 500DoS! :D

  1. Nice choices although I still have not seen all of them. Will check out Rush once it is out on DVD. Also chose The Raid for my entry (check it out on my blog if you can). Had not heard of Cold Eyes, but seeing this is a South Korean movie I immediately added it to my list of movies to check out. Also looking forward to seeing About Time as I have heard a lot of positive things about it.

    • You also choose The Raid? Cool Nostra!! Well, since i have not write my review for Cold Eyes just yet, just an FYI it was adapted from a taiwanese film called Eye in The Sky, i have not seen the original yet, but who knows you might have or would be interested in it to! :D
      Rush is definitely a must see! You should check out About Time too! especially if you’re a fan of Curtis!

  2. Good choices! The ending for 500 Days of Summer is definitely the biggest highlight for me too. I’ll have to check out your picks for thrills. They sound really interesting and I hadn’t heard of them before. :)

    • Thanks Katy!
      You should check out Cold Eyes and Rush for sure! If you’re not iffy about high-octane, action combat and violence then i would recommend The Raid as well :D

    • Thanks David! You should check out Cold Eyes if you have a chance :)
      I think everyone appreciate 500 Days yeah? And could not agree more on what you said about Rush! :D

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