Listopia: 10 Nail Polish for Movie Lovers

Nails02Let’s took a break from making reviews and let’s celebrate the upcoming release of Catching Fire, the second installment of Hunger Games. So what does this list of nail polish have to do with that? Well, the first film had a tie-in promotion with China Glaze to release 12-piece collection Capitol Colors nail polish, and on this 2nd film they collaborated with Covergirl to release a whole range of cosmetics including 9-piece nail polish collection. Although i love some of the colors (sulfur blaze, black heat, and inferno are amazing!), I did not get any of it because there’s no Covergirl in Indonesia. So instead, let me celebrate by making a list of all the movie related nail polish :) 

10 | The Living Daylights



OPI released a 12-piece collection to coincide a with the release of the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall. The Living Daylights, named after the eponymous 1987 film, was a stood out. It is made of beautiful hexagonal glitters in teal,bronze, gold, and silver suspended on clear base. It makes an oomph when layered upon another polish or on its own.

09 | Skyfall



The signature of the James Bond collection was this eponymous lovely creme, Skyfall. The same shade that was worn in the movie by the bond girl, Bérénice Marlohe. The sophisticated color lies somewhere between red and brown. The polish dries darker and looking vampier than it looked in the bottle.

08 | Rainbow Connection



A multi-colored, multi-sized glitters confections, perfectly named Rainbow Connection was a part of OPI collection for 2011 The Muppets. This densely packed glitters in clear base definitely screamed party in a bottle. It’s sold out by now, but you can get similar one at Deborah Lippmann (Happy Birthday).

07 | Vertigo



Chanel released a 3-piece collection inspired by Hitchcock films. One of the shade was Vertigo, which is my favorite Hitchcock film. The polish is such an odd color, looking mushroom grey, leaning on taupe, with a hint of purple and a hidden magenta shimmer.  It’s a complex color and it’s edgy. A perfect shade for a modern girl.

06 | Skyfall



Mermaid’s Tears is part of the older tie-in collection from OPI with 2011 The Pirates of Carribean: On Strangers Tide. The beautiful dusty seafoam green creme might’ve seemed like a pastel shade but it looks murky and muted enough to be different.  I usually can not pull of blue or green color, but this one looks good on my nails and became one of my favorite.

05 | Dark Side of The Moon


Deborah Lippmann had a collaboration with Snow White and The Huntsmen two-piece set consists of a white shade with an accompanying dark shade. Dark Side of The Moon is obviously the dark half of the collection. A lovely vampy shade in aubergine creme that looked classic yet perfectly modern.

04 | Skull and Glossbones



Another piece from OPI and The Pirates of Carribean: On Stranger’s Tide collection is this bottle of greige polish. Grey is definitely my favorite grey for nail polish (and i have a lot of grey to compare to this one). This one has a bit of beige quality, giving it a slight yellow tinge and perfect for warm colored skin, although it dries slightly darker on the nails.

03 | Just Spotted The Lizard



This is OPI shade was released as a part of the tie-in collection for 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man movie. A lovely chromatic shade that shifts from gleaming bronze-orange, olive gold, to green, to blues. The shade definitely would remind you of the coloring of the lizards scales and eyes.  A perfect dupe for Chanel Péridot le vernis but with a better formula and cost only third of the prize is a stood out in the collection. I wear this one so often (especially since it made me think of Loki in some ways), and on my 2nd bottle now :D

02 | Rouge Noir


Uma Thurman wore this shade on her talons in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The shade then become instantenously popular and become a classic. The vampy red of Chanel Rouge Noir has a lot of close dupes (eg: Deborah Lippman’s Single Ladies). One of my personal to-go shade and my ultimate favorite vampy nail polish with a lovely jelly like quality in the finish.

01 | Fast Track



The Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection by China Glaze is inspired by the 12 district in the story. It has a broad range of colors and finish: from a lovely asphalt grey to riveting shades of fire. Fast Track was inspired by District 6 (Transportation). Although it might not be the first shade come to mind when you were thinking of the film, it remains as my absolute favorite from the collection. It’s a lovely nude color that usually work well for creating mannequin hand look, but the twist is the gorgeous golden flecks. It looked slightly sheer but can built up perfectly opaque in three coats. I adore its subtle beauty and how it certainly still look work-appropriate. This is the only other nail polish (other than Just Spotted the Lizard) that i wear so much i’m on my 2nd bottle of it.

00 | Cinéma



I’m adding a special shade for the top 10 list. Coincided with 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Chanel released 3 beautiful shade inspired by the movie culture. This gorgeous red creme is Cinema. I’m not usually fond of red creme because i think it’s so common and i usually goes for the more vampy shades instead. But Cinema is so beautiful! It’s a wonderful neutral kind of red with a slight dusty quality that made it unique enough to stood out among all the reds. And oh, the formula is perfection.


What’s your favorite shades for nail polish? Did the list inspire you to pick one for yourself? Or you can always get them as a gift for your loved ones who love films and nail polishes for the upcoming holidays! :D


DISCLAIMER: All products are owned personally and this is not a form of advertisement. All pictures are taken by me: outdoors under natural sunlight, using Canon 550D (courtesy of my sister) and remained untouched (it has a slight yellow tinge but it’s pretty much representing the actual colors).

What’s on my fingers (thumb to pinkie): Chanel 581 Cinéma | China Glaze Fast Track | Chanel 18 Rouge Noir | OPI Just Spotted The Lizard | OPI Skull and Glossbones


8 thoughts on “Listopia: 10 Nail Polish for Movie Lovers

  1. 7 and 4 stand out for me, the glittery ones don’t do it for me but what a nice idea for a post! I’m a fan of fashion & stuff as well but I have yet to manage to corporate it into my movie blog. :D

    • Vertigo is such a lovely complex color that’s why i’m so fond of it XD I had this idea for quite sometime but i finally have time to took the photographed once i’m back home :D
      you really should ray! would be so fun to post this kind of stuff no? :D

  2. I have The Living Daylights and Rainbow Connection and I love them both! They look great by themselves or with another colour underneath.

    Another beautiful nailpolish from the Skyfall collection is Goldeneye – a gorgeous gold glitter that’s opaque in two coats. I always get compliments whenever I wear it, I’d definitely recommend getting it if you can find it!

    • Goldeneye is gorgeous! My friend has them and it really does look good :D I prefer their gunmetal colored one tho (forgot the name,, it’s either On Your Majesty Secret Service or The World Is Not Enough :D

  3. What a lovely list! Your pictures are great. My collection of nail polishes is just growing but my friend owns a million so I just use hers all the time. I adore the first Hunger Games collection but I wasn’t familiar with a bunch of these. I love the Vertigo, Mermaid’s Tears, and Cinema shades.

    • Thank you :D
      I have quite a few myself and found just i have these among them, which is a happy coincidence :D The first hunger games collection was very diverse and pretty what was your favorite? Thats why the second one by covergirl is a bit underwhelming because they have same finish.
      Mermaid’s Tears is gorgeous indeed and Cinéma is unexpectedly gooooood for a red creme!

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