Breaking Emotion Blogathon #01 Fear and Awkward

BrMo00So, this november MettelRay created this awesome blogathon called Breaking Emotions.

Every week she would release a new sets of emotions as the theme for the blogathon. For each emotions we can make a short list of films that made us feel a specific emotions. For the first set of emotions was Fear and Awkward. It is fun to see that certain films can sparks different emotion to its viewers XD You can find out more about it here.

So, here’s my take on the emotions :)


03 Shutter (2004)
A signature Thai horror, Shutter, might not be the scariest horror film ever. But i watched it on board of the ship during my SSEAYP program back in 2008, just when our ship was about to berth on the port of Bangkok. It does not help when the house i stay in during homestay in the following days had this creepy quality. This film embedded fear to my vein for the longest time! :'(

02 Captain Phillips (2013)
The last scene in the film is a perfect manifestation of the ultimate fear after going through a huge turmoil and horror. It was just so strong and made me totally understand that level of fear.

BrMo-F0101 Gravity (2013)
I know this is also in everyone’s list for Fear, but Gravity gives me a new set of fear, not only the horror of the limitless outer space, but also for being alone.


03 Skyfall (2012)
THAT SCENE! When Javier Bardem as the villain with ambiguous orientation kinda throw me on a loop and made feel amused at the intentionally awkward XD

02 The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
I love this film to bits! But the scene of Thalia Al Ghul’s death is just so weird and awkward i can’t help but to cringe and felt slightly embarrassed. I love Cotillard to bits but that part just…clumsy.

01 Bridesmaid (2011)
The film that was created from strings of awkward moments into a histerical hilarity! Wiig is of course the very embodiment of awkwardness itself :D Love this movie to bits for it too!


This entry is the first installment out of four-part series of 2013 Breaking Emotion Blogathon.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Emotion Blogathon #01 Fear and Awkward

    • Hahaha i know! I was racking my brain for the awkward moment when my playlist suddenly played Adele’s Skyfall and i was like ‘Of course! Javier Bardem’s Raoul Silva hitting on Bond XD

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