Monthly Digest: 2013 October

I realized this blog went untouched for most of the second half of this month. It’s not that i have a writer’s block, mind you, but i have to devote most of my time for my graduation on the 17th (YAY!) and my annual share for Pre-Departure Training for Indonesian Contingent as the alumni of a youth exchange program, just like i did last year too. I was part of the program 5 years ago, but i’m still a part of the active alumni and October through December is what we called SSEAYP season, because the program took place in those months each year. (You can take a glimpse about what i’m yammering about on SSEAYP ID).
Towards the end of the month i manage to watch several movies including Captain Phillips, The Butler, About Time, etc. I did not have enough time to catch Violet & Daisy as well as Thanks for Sharing when it was screened (still bummed out about it). But let’s save the reviews for November. For now let’s look what KaramelKinema have in October
New movies seen in October (locally released in Indonesia Cinema)
Metallica: Through The Never | Rush | Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 | Gravity

I spend the first half of October going to Q! Film Festival watching various film, my favorites are:
L’Inconnu Du Lac | Pit Stop | Ta Av Mig | Hors Les Murs | 백야 (White Night)

A collaboration with SheSpeaksMovies: MOVIECUBE. October Theme: Individual Sports
Warrior | Million Dollar Baby | The Cinematographer Project

Featuring: Foreclosure from TIFF 2013 | Toy Story of Terror! the first ever Toy Story special on TV.

October marks the 5th and last month of The 5 Obstructions Blogathon created by Nostra from Myfilmviews. Write anything that is not a review brought me to my thoughts about the 2013 Q! Film Festival i attended.

October began with a little joy, seeing Yen Tan, the director of Pit Stop retweet my review on @PitStopTheMovie timeline. It made my month! (i didn’t care it was only the 4th)


How was your October? I hope you had a great time, because we know pretty soon we would be bombarded by great films ahead of us ready to compete for the upcoming awards season. What movie are you looking forward to? I think i had one that i’ve been waiting for, happy november, and may the odds forever in your favor! *hint hint*


10 thoughts on “Monthly Digest: 2013 October

  1. October went terribly wrong for me, but some decent movies just saved my month. Now that November comes (and rains as well), I still need to devote my ev’rythin’ to catch up the viva voce. Hopefully, the cinema won’t draw me back. hehehe

    • Ah yes to the rain! It’s been too hot lately that the change in weather is soooo welcome! I hope your november will be more enjoyable! Looks like a lot of good ones are already lining up in cinema!

  2. Congrats for your graduation! Did you have fun watching Q Film Festival? They say JIFFEST is coming in November. October was good, lots of great movies. But I’m a little late on watching some great ones in the cinema. Hope I’ll catch them soon.

    • Thank you! I did have quite a blast at QFF
      Oh my friend talked about it but i probably wouldnt be able to catch it >_< i'd be back to Depok and i just dont think i can bear the traffic to jakarta nowadays.
      Some movies went by pretty quickly! was a bit shocked when one of the film i wanna watch did not even last for a full week! Hope you;ll be able to catch what you missed!

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